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  kped  |  0

it's an exciting time in your life! Your grandma cried because you are growing up! this should have been something you had the chance to share with your grandmother though! Definitely not something your dad should be announcing!

  karagarren  |  8

everytime someone in my family start their period someone tells the entire family. plus I think women in the family fond of exciting to tell cause getting your period means your a woman.

  EatUp  |  0

101 - Why the hell are you saying periods don't hurt? You're a guy and unless you've had a sex change I don't know how you could possibly know what girls go through with their periods. I'm a guy and I've never heard a single girl tell me her periods no big deal. in fact they've all told me it's horrible. My gf goes through hell every month dealing with cramps, back pain, etc.

  SammyS2012  |  21

I have a pretty high tolerance for pain because I got back surgery 4 years ago when I was 13 and have to deal with back pAin from it... And I still cry at least the first day I get it every month from the pain. I also throw up from it so that doesn't really help. My boyfriend usually has to basically babysit me while i have my period because I'm so lethargic, sick, and in too much pain to even know what's going on.