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Today, at a family reunion, my dad announced to everyone that I'd finally started my menstrual cycle. My grandmother started sobbing hysterically. FML
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who would tell everyone you started your period? it's a private thing not something to have a party about


Gram Gram is crying because she's so proud of her little girl!

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it's an exciting time in your life! Your grandma cried because you are growing up! this should have been something you had the chance to share with your grandmother though! Definitely not something your dad should be announcing!

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At least he didn't tie a blood stained rag to the front door to let all the neighbours know too.

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what happened when you grew boobies?..O.o

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OP is definitely PMSing! PMS = Pissed at Men Syndrome

congrats. you now have the "free be a bitch" card once a month. use it wisely

26. in soviet russia, you come on tampon commercial.

I don't even like talking about mine, much less hearing others talk about it. my condolences! ha;)

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she probably thinking about her possibility at grand kids now

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alexibabyxoxo 0

That's Sammy Adams, a rapper from Boston. Andrew doesn't have a picture of him self there.

Have you ever laughed so hard tears came out of your eyes?

im just so *sniff sniff* PROUD of you! *blows nose*

im just so *sniff sniff* PROUD of you! *blows nose*

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81 , that would be great grand kids

Aw, look at you, all grown up and whatnot.

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now you can go horsering on the beach with your grandma like those commercials.

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or shes just coo coo, coo coo for MENSTRATION!!!!!!!!!!

now I realize why lesbian vampires only eat once a month.. gross

she thinks you will turn out like all the "punk" teenagers out there.

who would tell everyone you started your period? it's a private thing not something to have a party about

Sooo true. But Tamil Hindus actually celebrate it with this HUUUGE party and they invite everyone they know! Happened to me when I was younger, even...

Maybe the dad was drunk or almost drunk?and op didn't mention it?

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whatever, some of the best parties I'VE been too were menstrual themed.

everytime someone in my family start their period someone tells the entire family. plus I think women in the family fond of exciting to tell cause getting your period means your a woman.

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he's proud his lil' girl gna be a women ? congrats for you :] now that you're at this age be safe and make good choices. young women can be severally promiscuous.

true.. btw we have the same pic! high five! i thought i commented here but then i was like wait a sec... xD

my mom blogged the first time I shaved and got my period...

yep I agree it is a private thing except u gutta tell ur parents but u don't just go out and tell the whole world

yea maybe my dad would do the same thing... Oh god... O.O now that think of it that's really embarrassing lol

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#52 is right. it's still awkward though with people knowing the fact that you're starting your cycles and maturity.

A woman that doesn't know your from you're.

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yup thats true I am Hindu but my mom respects my privacy so we didn't have a party! thank the lord for that!

I only told my mom when I got mine 'cause nobody wants to know that in my family....

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#74.You haven't been to many parties have you

Your dad has no respect for your privacy, does he? I bet your grandma is just jealous because she has already hit menopause.

Or she's just proud? Congrats Op, welcome to years and years of bloating, cramps and everything else that comes with menstruation.

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Jealous of OP having her period? Yeah, back pain and cramps are definitely a reason to get jealous!

I know I am a boy but I have heard that it is really bad. So It's not something to be jealous of.AFX_lovee is totally right.

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No it isn't THAT bad unless your unlucky and get craps, back pain etc. It's just something all those noobs end up dealing with for 35 or so years.

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101- Unless you've experienced having your period through some medical phenomenon, you have no idea how it feels.

i'm one of the lucky girls that have never experienced the cramps or even bloating, so i never really get why so many other girls complain about them to the extent that they do :/

101 - Why the hell are you saying periods don't hurt? You're a guy and unless you've had a sex change I don't know how you could possibly know what girls go through with their periods. I'm a guy and I've never heard a single girl tell me her periods no big deal. in fact they've all told me it's horrible. My gf goes through hell every month dealing with cramps, back pain, etc.

101 - Would you like me to kick you in the stomach repeatedly so that you know how my cramps feel? I'll gladly do that for free, Jackass.

I have a pretty high tolerance for pain because I got back surgery 4 years ago when I was 13 and have to deal with back pAin from it... And I still cry at least the first day I get it every month from the pain. I also throw up from it so that doesn't really help. My boyfriend usually has to basically babysit me while i have my period because I'm so lethargic, sick, and in too much pain to even know what's going on.