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Today, I came home after working overtime to find my dog whining and giving me her "I need to take a shit" face. After changing my shoes, I came back ready to let her out, only to find her giving me the "I just took a shit on your rug" face. My husband has been home all day. FML
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You should give your husband the "You're sleeping in the couch tonight" face.

This is me giving you the "yell at your inconsiderate husband" face. >=|


sounds like my whole family. that would tick me off. FYL

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Give your husband the "I'll ******* kill you" face.

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i dont see this as a FYL. OP's husband should have let the dog out, but if OP saw her dog needed to take a shit she should have let the dog out instead of make the dog wait so she can put on different shoes YDI

#77, it takes about a minute to change shoes, and she was probably trying to keep her nicer work shoes from getting dirty out in the yard. Ever worn heels on grass? Not fun. She hardly deserves it for thinking her husband would be a responsible enough person to take care of their pet's basic bathroom needs.

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If she was so worried about her shoes she should have just taken them off and let the dog out. Her husband is a douche for not letting the dog out so he deserves the job of cleaning up but OP shouldnt have let him wait is all im saying

#86 I see common sense is not your virtue, is it?

This is me giving you the "yell at your inconsiderate husband" face. >=|

It's the woman's job to take care of the household and its occupants, not the husband's

Might as well give the same face to OP. it's just as much her fault. Her dog needed attention but she chose to change her shoes. She put her shoes before her doggie. I think they're both at fault. My animals come before my comfort and my possessions.

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32-Did you ever think maybe she was wearing heels and wanted to put on more comforable shoes so she could take her dog on a decent length walk? I didn't think so.

Ehm...35...his entire comment was saying that she should care for her dog instead of changing into something comfortable. So yes, he did think about that...

Thank you, Ozuru. Yes, I did think of that and my response to 35 is - anyone who thinks of their own needs before tending to a creature in distress probably shouldn't own animals. It's part of your responsibility as a pet owner. I agree, the husband is a piece of shit but clearly she knows the face her dog makes when it's gotta go so - help the poor creature first. That's all I'm saying.

#45 that's ridiculous, saying someone shouldn't own an animal because her dog had one 'accident' in the house? It only takes a minute to change your shoes, it's not like she went and made herself dinner, and as she'd only just got in OP had no idea how long the dog has been whining for. My dog always gives me fair warning, I've always got time to put on shoes, a coat, grab my keys and a bag etc before taking him out and if I tried to walk my German shepherd in heels when he needs the loo I'd probably break an ankle, once he knows it's going out time he's straight out the door!

If you've been working all day, especially working an extra long day, the FIRST thing you do is let your poor dog out. NO MATTER WHAT. They can only hold it so long. Yes, the husband should have taken the dog out, multiple times, if he was home all day, but since he didn't OP should have let her out the second she saw her poor dog was in distress. For those of you saying she had to change out of her heels- no. If you can walk around in them all day, you can wait a few more minutes to take your dog out in them. Nobody's forcing you to wear uncomfortable shoes, that's your choice, and your dog comes first. Always.

Op had no clue that the husband hadn't taken the dog out all day so she probably assumed the dog just now had to go out. And heels may be a part of her works dress code so she could have been forced to wear them. I think the only way this could possibly be considered ops fault is because she is married to such a piece of shit.

#67 I agree IF the dog has been shut in alone all day. But the op's husband had been home all day, so why on earth would she expect the dog to be so desperate to go that it couldn't hold it for a minute? This is in no way op's fault, the neglect was her husband's not hers.

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i agree with 32 even if she didnt think the dog needed to go right that second its better to be safe then sorry and if she wanted to take the dog for a walk let gim do his business then go change the shoes and take the dog for a walk

Everyone who is claiming she's abusive to animals for simply changing a pair of shoes to take a dog out... that's ridiculous. If you are pet owners you would understand. It's really no different than if you had been home all day like the husband and you went and put a pair of shoes on prior. I know I wouldn't walk my dog barefoot or in heels. Quit being so picky, it is not a big deal.

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Whoever is saying shes abusive is retarded because thats not abusive. I just think she should have let the dog out before changing her shoes

You should give your husband the "You're sleeping in the couch tonight" face.

How does one sleep 'in' a couch? Sounds uncomfortable

Its pretty awesome. There is a magical land of lint mountains roamed by dust lions which feast on dust bunnies. There is also the valley of lost change and food crumb meadow. It is a truly magical experience.

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I hope your husband had a damn good reason to not let the dog out.

Call of ironic, if that were the reason.

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-48 if it was football wouldnt he just let the dog outside with him?

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That is a terrier-able pun. *ba-dum-tish* Yes? No? I'll just go now.

That's rough, OP. I have the same problem with trying to get my roommate to let my dog out while I'm at work.

Unless your roommate was in on the decision to get the dog, it seems rude to expect your roommate to do so. Maybe he or she hates dogs and is annoyed with being asked to take care of a pet that is not theirs.

That's very true, 18. She is also my sister and helped me pick him out, to clarify

I find it kinda funny how you called your sister-- "roommate" first. Reminds me of "Grandma's Boy" where Jeff called his parents his roommates. And Lara Croft has a new meaning of sex toy to me! :P

@ 23 I'm curious why you call your sister roommate. I never thought about calling my family members my roommates before. I'm gonna start doing that, it sounds more fun. I have 2 roommates then, my husband and son. :)

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@ maybe they share an apartment and is not living in the house where they grew up. Using sister first implies they are still living with their parents.

I dunno. If my roommate's dog needed to take a shit, I wouldn't just be like, "Oh well, you're not my dog. Sucks to be you, Fido." Plus I wouldn't want shit on my rug.

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I agree with you entirely Also gives me other thoughts when ever Frankenstein is mentioned.

@50 she will always be her sister no matter where they live.

Or give your husband the "I hope you know you're cleaning this" face

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And while you're at it rub his nose in it, that's how they learn. And yes, I mean the husband.

You should make your husband pick up after your dog. That only seems fair since you have already had a full day of work.

Maybe the fact that you're calling it "my" dog instead of "our" dog has something to do with it.

Since they are married I would think the dog would be considered joint property.