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Today, I turned in my homework. Too bad I accidentally handed in the printed answer sheet I found online to copy from. FML
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Why would you print it out? If you're going to cheat, get rid of the evidence & copy straight from your computer

You got a little too excited and got careless. No such thing as a perfect crime.


Oh come on, everyone cheated at least once in school and everyone saying they didn't is lying.

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But how many people were dumb enough print out the answers?

At least 50% of Harvard students admitted to cheating in high school.

I'm willing to bet there are a few people who are better than us , #19, that worked their butt off and didn't cheat.

Doesn't mean they don't deserve it. I admit I cheated but only times I forgot there was homework and quickly copied off a friend. If I had time I quickly did it myself.

Sorry 19, but I can seriously say I never cheated. At least not that I remember. I couldn't because I just felt too horrible. Plus, i worked hard in school to do my work and get good grades, I always had my homework and assignments done. Cheating has always seemed really stupid to me. But either way, whether everyone has cheated once or not, it doesn't mean they don't deserve it and don't deserve getting caught. Don't do the crime if you can't pay the time.

A lot of the stuff they teach doesn't have any use in the real world. Is it so wrong to cheat when you don't want to waste time on something you won't need for your career? In my first year of computer science, I had a course called History of Science. It certainly was very interesting, but who the hell needs to remember the exact dates and details of every event? It's ridiculous. We already had a shitload of work for other much more important courses and projects. I think everyone cheated on the exam. Even the professor didn't care.

#53; that's exactly my thought, plus right now I have this really awful teacher for history who basically doesn't teach us anything so the majority of the class cheats on her tests

I have never cheated. To those who say " We don't need it" or "the teacher was horrible" those are just excuses. If they require it for your field then chances are you need it besides all knowledge is important. If the teacher is bad get a tutor, read the book and learn it yourself, or transfer to a different professor that teaches the class.

This is high school though it sounds like, where only 3 of the 7 plus subjects you actually need to get into uni so the other majority are just interesting or easy time fillers which have little relevance. I agree though, whether other people cheat is irrelevant, he deserved it for being dense

All knowledge is important? I'm sorry but that's BS. Plenty of things we learn have absolutely no use in the real world. Please explain to me how knowing ancient philosophy will help me improve my work as a programmer? People who try to learn everything often suck at everything. Unless you're some kind of genius with an IQ over 9000 and the ability to memorize a book after reading it once, you'll be forced to make choices. Sometimes cheating is not bad, it's just a way of getting around the flaws of our current education system.

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Yeah, no shit. Any two-bit would know that's cheating.

I'm really sorry but I'm new, what does YDI mean? sorry if I am annoying to ask.

You got a little too excited and got careless. No such thing as a perfect crime.

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Well, you never hear about the perfect crime, so you'd never know if there even WAS a crime.

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My high school physics class pulled off the perfect cheat crime. Weekly. AND on the final exam. The perfect crime does exist.

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I know that sometimes school gets hard and you gotta do what you gotta do to get your grades up, but pay more attention next time, yeah?

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Don't listen to what people say it's not cheating, it's using your resources.

And then, when you don't know shit because your entire life is CTRL+V, tell me that again.

In the real world that's what it would be called. But in the real world when you get caught "using your resources", the penalties are much more harsh than failing the assignment.

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That's how I justify cheating at Monopoly. "I'm not cheating, I'm being resourceful".

Why would you print it out? If you're going to cheat, get rid of the evidence & copy straight from your computer

This is what karma does when you cheat OP...YDI.

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Rookie mistake. It happens to the best of us, OP

No. It really only happens to stupid people that think they're smart. Everybody makes mistakes (printing it out), but it takes a special person to bring it to school.

Only people who aren't worth shit cheat in my opinion.

With this shitty education system, it's fine to take a few short cuts, that's smart. However, if you go and make evidence, and then turn it in yourself, that makes you exceptional. Exceptionally dumb. YDI

How does a crappy educational system make cheating ok? If anything you're saying that the standards of learning are lower and therefore easier, so op shouldn't even need to cheat. Your theory doesn't make sense to me.