By ihatespiders - 05/08/2014 12:31 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I asked my 8-year-old daughter to kill a house spider for me. I am a 42-year-old man. FML
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No shame necessary. Sacrifice the children.

Spiders are terrifying. I see nothing wrong with this.


Poor spidy, just tell her carry it outside :(

Forget that kill all the scary little bastards.

If it came onto his property, it has the right to die.

Show no mercy, it's a sign of weakness, they can smell it and will attack

I would've asked her to burn the whole house down to be completely honest with you.

Yeah, let it go so it can breed and then you can have multiple spider sightings. Good idea.

Don't blame you

The fact that I got down voted so much. What did I say wrong? It was my first real comment. I feel bad. No shame OP. Spiders deserve to burn in the depths of hell in which they came.

But spiders have feelings too. I think it's right to let them go. Now... Where's my flamethrower.

#84 do you really care what we think about your comment?

#84 I guess some people really don't remember that this is the internet

Not really lmao. I just felt like commenting on the post and was confused as to why I got down voted. I'm totally fine. I'm not gonna cry about it. #93 #94 #91 Btw. You just went against your first statement. Your comment makes zero sense....

No shame necessary. Sacrifice the children.

You can always make more....

Why not. We live in an overpopulated and underfed world:-).

This guy gets it.

Let's start with you #59

Spiders are terrifying. I see nothing wrong with this.

the other day a brown recluse the size of my hand crawled onto my foot. I nearly died.

You must have some small hands

Yes, the brown recluse is roughly the size of a quarter. You most likely saw a Huntsman's spider. :)

Which is exactly why I said I would've told her to burn down the house. But noo I got down voted. Guess I'm the bad guy. Seems like people get down voted for no reason these days.

I have very small hands! look at them!

Seriously? I mean come on. It's a COMMENT. Other ppl told u to chill out Also. Get used to it

Spiders don't bother me but damn those beatles scare the shit out of me.

They were an amazing band I don't see what's so frightening about them. Is it Ringo's nose? Possibly his singing? Actually you're right, very horrifying.

Yes, Alan, but that's only because the beetles have no hands with which to hold a pen.

My grandma's garden is infested with Japanese beetles. They get inside sometimes and they're nasty.

looks like this is a job for pyroman!

spiderman..spiderman....oops spiderwoman

Just "spider" will do.

No spiderpig will do

You're doing what's best and needs to be done. I salute you.

Did you at least arm her with fire?

He probably set her on fire and threw her at the spider.

Or he literally armed her with fire...using her arm..with a fire. :I

At least you're preparing your daughter for real world experiences. Now she'll be able to kill spiders on her own when she's all grown up.

Ah, but how will HE deal with the spiders on his own when she's all grown up, hmm?