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Today, I was at the library. I had to use the restroom, where I ended up singing in bad, made-up Japanese the whole time. When I went back across the library, my brother informed me that everyone could clearly hear me. FML
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I'm the OP. The reason I say Japanese specifically is because I do know a few words and included them in the song. I do love anime. I'm actually a really good singer, I've bee compared to Evanescance (I'm not trying to show off I have no reason to show off to online strangers). I was singing because I had a tune in my head and was being silly. Also the restroom is in the back of the Library so I didn't think it would go that far. I didn't know because not a single person made a face or anything.

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Never sing while in the bathroom. It echoes.

Just be thankful it's not on YouTube. I'd have recorded that


Never sing while in the bathroom. It echoes.

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Actually it reverberates, causing many to falsely believe that their voices are better than they actually are.

perfect acoustics for thinking you're the new pop idol.

why was the OP singing in a public bathroom to begin with? O.o

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#2: lowering my self esteem since I read that comment. I like to sing in the shower and I thought I was getting pretty good. guess not.

Just be thankful it's not on YouTube. I'd have recorded that

They didnt stop you. They may have liked it

They were too busy laughing to say anything.

What were you singing? Just the basics, since it was made up, I Just want to know what song was so catchy you couldn't resist singing it in a bathroom.

"Me love you long time, 5 dollar sucky sucky" - op

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I think OP was watching too much anime . . .

Lets hope it wasn't the vibrator song,,,

I guess J-pop came out as J-poop instead, then...

What about using the restroom caused you to mimic Japanese???

Haha, of every song out there you chose to sing one in japanese? It sounds kinda interesting though, no wonder nobody stopped you.

I think she means because he doesn't know Japanese, not because there's anything wrong with it

What the **** did you expect? The library is a quiet place...

What would be even more awkward is if there were Japanese people there and as you come out they speak angrily to you in Japanese. Next time, keep it at home.

Nope they would probably be like my parents, "damn, koreans are always so bloody noisy!"

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