By Anonymous - 17/08/2013 19:25 - Thailand - Bang Bua Thong

Today, I realised that I've never been able to successfully cook a meal outside of World of Warcraft. FML
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Well, OP, even in WoW, cooking takes skill (points).

RivetingTaleChap 6

Log off. You might be surprised by what you can accomplish when you make a genuine effort.


Well, OP, even in WoW, cooking takes skill (points).

tsent8 15

Op is taking baby steps. Hopefully after defeating 30 food critics and bringing their sacred spices back. He will have enough XP to cook some scrambled eggs.

Not really. If you're literate, you should be able to prepare a meal. Mac and cheese and hot dogs is a meal. The instructions for preparing them are on the package. I don't know why people are so forgiving of OP's incompetence. The way I see it, not knowing how to cook is like not being potty trained. I don't understand how one can function in life not knowing how to operate a stove. I mean, we all need to eat everyday.

I don't understand how one can function in life not knowing how to take a joke. I mean, we all need to laugh everyday.

MissA7X 11

Perhaps OP was never taught any sort of cooking skills by his parents. It is very easy to learn and requires trial and error.

boxbrandon11 20

Im guessing you have 600 cooking

That's what the cooking channel is for.

LOL if I'm paying for wow I'm definitely not paying for cable every month.

Yeah, who can afford food anyways if you play WoW.

RpiesSPIES 27

There's always Create on public TV ^^ So many delicious foods are made there, especially in the Test Kitchen.

RivetingTaleChap 6

Log off. You might be surprised by what you can accomplish when you make a genuine effort.

euphoricness 28

But if I log off I'll never get to level archaeology!


WoW is an addiction. There is a support group for it. I used to play 19 hours a day, its a cumpulsion at its very least.

TC_Ultimate 3

One simply does not just, "log off" of W.o.W.

threer 30
The_9th_Doctor 18

OP cooking isn't really hard... when something starts to burn either take it off the heat or stir it. When making more complicated dishes follow a recipe. If you are cooking while playing wow at the same time then that is probably the problem....

Probably interferes with raid times.

I take a cooking class, I call it Breaking Bad.

There's always Kraft Dinner or Mr Noodles!

ZombieInConverse 13

Maybe you should get off the computer and take a cooking class.

threer 30

Yes, but this one has grammar!

hcollins1 18

I don't play the game but isn't it WoW? If I'm wrong, please feel free to correct me!

Gothicbunnyx3 16

Go outside and do something productive. Life's more important than sitting on the computer all day .

What if his life is sitting behind a computer

punkyboy 11

what is this outside you speak of I have never heard of it before.

Michael_92 20

Says the girl commenting on a FML post.

But who wants real life when I can be a blood elf druid?

Im letting my nerd flag fly. Unless u did a bazinga and i cant tell, you cant be a blood elf druid unfortunately.

Shit, meant night elf. Got it cofused with my blood elf hunter /:

DKjazz 20

39- I'm pretty sure it's a scam.

What I do, is take my laptop to the beach...

39 the graphics are good but the gameplay is terrible!

Gothicbunnyx3 16

That awkward moment when I was at the beach commenting on this post.

How were u being productive at the beach?

It takes skill to never have been able to successfully coock a meal.

I guess it also takes skill to spell correctly

MissA7X 11

I'm thinking maybe your priorities are slightly askew.... You dont wanna turn into those guys that die at the computer for lack of food