Not a geography major

By Anonymous - 20/09/2013 22:45 - United States - Buffalo

Today, I had to show my daughter where the USA is on a map. She's 17, and we live in the USA. FML
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TrackGirl19 29

One can only hope she was joking.

You would be surprised at how many kids actually don't know this stuff then.


TrackGirl19 29

One can only hope she was joking.

It's an indictment of the American education system.

American citizens as a whole have reached a new low. you must be so proud of your daughter

*Reads first sentence* You know, if they're from another country then I can understand this. *Reads second sentence* ...*Facepalm*

Well, I'm sure you guys are overlooking something! It's not like anybody can be -that- dumb...right?

Sorry you are so wrong they reached a new high

Let's just hope she knows and she had a brain fart

I bet the 37 people who thumbed down my comment are Americans, lmfao.

tjv3 10

Public education... Gotta love it

head desk, because sometimes a face palm just isn't enough.

Spider_Web 11

I've lost faith in the American education system.

Little4Bear 10

*takes #2's hand and slams his palm into his face again* (that was a face palm on my behalf for those who don't get it..) OP, I hope she was joking and that she's not really that stupid.

You would be surprised at how many kids actually don't know this stuff then.

Your profile picture....the face is mocking this fml.

Actually I read somewhere that at least 10% of US citizens can't identify USA on a map. The numbers get even worse for other countries.

Trying to identify states is just as bad. Someone yold me I was Canadian because Michigan was in Canada. Lol.

monnanon 13

i know wherr the USA is but i will admit that i dont know where all the states are. the coastal ones i know plus Florida and Texas but some of them i have no idea with. I would not expect a non brit to know where the home counties or speyside was though.

monnanon 13

i know that but its also a peninsula so seemed to need mentioned again.

#97 Actually, almost half of our states are coastal; 23 states border either the Atlantic, Pacific, or the Gulf of Mexico. I wouldn't expect someone who's not from here to know all of them.

kathryn14 19

I really just don't understand how people don't know this stuff, I live in texas and I can tell you where every state is like that should be normal

Some people just aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Zack6849 8

Not the brightest crayon in the toolshed eh?

Aussieinusa 5
skyttlz 32
Hiimhaileypotter 52

A few wrenches short of a toolchest.

a few greeks short of an economical crisis.

forever_a_zebra 7

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#8, stereotypical comments are Not funny and. Secondly, that second sentence made no sense at all. it is also irrelevant to the FML. OP- I think your daughter should retake her geography class

My girlfriend is a blonde and she just graduated last week with a bachelor degree in psychology. So yes stereotypes = stupid

Shootermtd25 7

#33 maybe ure blond Or ur dad or ur uncle Or ur dog or ur neighbor or ur 5th cousin

*Looks around to see if anybody else understood #39*

I just had my second ever FML induced aneurysm. I was lucky to have survived the first. I don't foresee the same fate this time. Bye, world.

#39, I suggest you go back to school before you insult me.

#33 He was hinting at incest, you know, your dad also being your uncle. Here's an ice pack you do know how to use one right , # 39?

#8, I just want to say something. I have a degree in business, and I wasn't taken as seriously because of my natural hair color. I dyed my hair from blonde to brown because I got sick of it. It's people like you... I could stereotype you based off of your profile picture, but I'm not gonna stoop that low.

Suaria 38

Can you please stop stereotyping? I am currently in high school but I will have you know I am a straight A student. Also, I am blonde.

Well, you know, as Miss Teen South Carolina said, many US Americans can't point it in a map because they just don't have maps.

perdix 29

Why would she need a map? She's already here! Some people have very limited brainal capacity, so you should only tell them stuff they need to know.

Perhaps Op's daughter already used up her available space walking, talking, breathing, holding her water until she found a toilet, getting dressed in the morning, texting, and worshipping One Direction. Can't expect too much more here, can we? ;P

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