By beachbum - United States
Today, I was at the beach with my buddy. Messing around, he swam up behind me and dunked me under the water. Naturally, moments later I swam behind him, grabbed both his ankles and stood up, flipping him completely, only to see him watching me from a few feet away. I flipped a 70 year old man. FML
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By  ohgeez  |  0

Going to agree with #5 here. Do you have poor eye sight?

Not a single one of my friends look like a 70 year old man from any angle. White hair or lack of hair is generally a dead giveaway.

By  Bzrider4lyfe  |  0

This is too funny, thats the most excitement that old guy has had in a long time.

north london collegiant girls are gay? What the hell?

I mistake my friends for a-holes sometimes, what a minute...