By rainonmyparade - United States
Today, I called my dad to tell him my boyfriend had proposed to me, and that we're planning on being married this summer. He was surprised at the short engagement, so I said, "Well, we're almost 30." Dad replied, "Wow, I left your mom when I was 35!" So not the conversation for that information, Dad. FML
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By  Jewelofagal  |  2

Based on his inability to determine appropriate versus inappropriate comments, I advise you not to let your Dad have the microphone to say a toast at your wedding reception.

  Tripout  |  0

my parents split when I was 2 months. also....WHO APPROVED THIS....of course the dads gonna say somethin other than a happy congradulations. Don't all dads do???

  Tripout  |  0

this is a nasty fml. it doesn't stay on topic. it went from IM GETTIN MARRIED to I LEFT HER WHEN I WAS 35!!!! ........I don't see the point to this fml

  BLNovelist  |  0

The point is that instead of being happy for his daughter, he had to be a buzzkill and talk about when he divorced because of his age at the time of the divorce being so close to the age she is now/when she is getting married.

  MyStarrz  |  0

hi ...and umm yeah your still getting married so.... wat am i trying 2 say heree...

O yeah! "The apple doesnt fall far from the tree" =]


  MF12  |  0

My parents have been married or 15 years, but when my mom was showing me an email,I saw an email from my dad titled "Divorce agreement". :((


I don't think it's the "so" as the conjunction between two clauses but the adverb "so" to show emphasis, especially in an informal context like this one.
i.e.) That was SO not cool.