By Dr.Octopus454 - 07/10/2011 14:58 - United Kingdom

Today, working as a life guard, I walked through the changing room to go back to the pool. On the way, a naked old man started up a conversation with me. We talked for 10 minutes about pool chemicals, while his penis wobbled around with every small movement. This happens all the time. FML
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Why were you watching his penis wobble then? Look at his face.

that1guy1 13

Nothing wrong with a healthy conversation regardless of clothing.


that1guy1 13

Nothing wrong with a healthy conversation regardless of clothing.

rich203 0

Nothing wrong with young naked women talking. Old men are a different story.

Maybe the penis wanted to join in on the conversation, too. It's gets lonley down there; all you have are two aquantinces that are nuts, and a neighbor who's a total asshole.

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SmirkingRevenge_fml 7

15- Stfu no one cares about your naked experiences. Im sure OP wouldn't mind talking to a naked 18 year old girl, but somehow an old man is a little different.

larfam 2

^Why would it be different? He's a guy too and he will be old too one day

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SmirkingRevenge_fml 7

20- Hey if you think swaying, wrinkly old man junk is attractive to look at I'm not going to judge.

larfam 2

There is a difference between "not attractive" and "disgusting". And in 60 years you'll be that old man. I hope when you start talking to a younger man in the changing room you don't see a disgusted look on his face.

SmirkingRevenge_fml 7

23- I never said I had a problem with being naked, Im just saying that you're not impressing anyone. Are you saying that my comment is irrelevant because I'm licking someone?

SmirkingRevenge_fml 7

27- In 60 years I'll be talking gibberish to myself in a park with small children throwing bread at me.

Am I the only one wondering why OP was staring at the old man's "parts"?

imcutefml 0

-29 most girls do.... Just saiyian But they usually are home in their room or they live with only their mom

#30 My intention wasn't to impress or to draw attention on my particular person, i was just thinking "hey, i really don't see the point here", so i wanted to share those experiences mostly. I was thinking "if this was voted it means that a lot of people here are not ok with nudity" so I thought "maybe if I share these experiences, it will make some people change their point of view or even better, want to try it out". I find it a shame that someone would miss the chance to experience this feeling of total freedom and harmony with nature. I wanted to show it is a beautiful thing. I do understand though that the first time you see an old person you don't know naked, it's weird. Especially that in the case of OP, he didn't really choose that situation. Sorry about that nasty comment. Actually I was hurt by your reaction because I was sharing some memories that are meaningful to me and it caught me by surprise. I do get your point though.

23 - It's FML. No one wants to hear about your experiences.

15- I stopped reading at for gods sake.. Sorry


choloman 0

ya u gay!

Hmm.... Prinzess... Er... Whatever just made herself look like an ars... Not only are you talking about getting naked and you nude life stories but you are also making fun of a dude w a pic of him licking someone, which btw doesnt have anything involving you... Naked stories no one wants to hear?.... Dude licking someone.... Im gonna go with naked stories being the major ass.

Oh and btw 88 you need to fucking shut your mouth because it people like you that are the reason why there are 22 death attempts a day.

chrisnsons 2


iparker97 0

Please explain to me how that is homosexual in any way.


Hey Parker, neither will you.

Everyone stfu? No ones going to win this argument, so just let it go. Do us all a favour.

Actually by asking that question in that way did in fact come out as an insult. And if it didnt than why did she ask? And i quote that picture has nothing to do with her so she should have just kept her bloody mouth shut. Apperently she said its noyb than why the fuck did she tell us? So its fine if she wants to share it but it makes no FUCKING sence to tell us it none of our business when shes the one saying it. I do not care if she was just kidding, but she made it very clear that whatever he was doing was gross implying that either being gay is gross or just being silly and having fun is groos which is exactly what she was doing.

I would LOVE to see you then.

sebmista99 0

Lol cool job

Well, you see, there's this thing called peripheral vision. *insert reference site and someone's inevitable Asian joke*

Not if he was Asian. *I took the Asian joke off your hands. glad I could help*

imcutefml 0

The fact that OP is a guy and staring im scared

MrTall 5

Yeah dont look at his penis look at his head! Oh wait...

leetee1996 0

that's just nasty. really dont pay attention to his junk look at his face man

Why were you watching his penis wobble then? Look at his face.

I don't know about you, but even if I should look at his face, I'm sure my eyes would notice the wobbling penis.

So, what's wrong about a penis?

iparker97 0

Prinzess, You'll never get one, you know that right?

102 thats not definite sir

skyeyez9 24

I would tell him to cover his junk before trying to start a conversation.

Just find a different route to the swimming pool other than through the changing rooms

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xosportsgirl14x 8

Prinzess-stop obnoxiously commenting to everyone. Thanks. Bye.

Thats my job Princess.

JinxosGirl87 0

Just admit that you love wobbly old man penis and end it.

Prinzess should shut the f up

I love this post!!

Way too much punctuation.

LadyLexi 0

70- Bitch please.

Unfortunately the saying "when you're nervous, pretend to think everyone is naked" (something like that) took a literal turn lol.

Jujubilee 1

You should walk quickly through with your head down, no eye contact!

Looking down would just make you see even more junk.

natashax21 5

OP wont have eye contact, but will then have penis contact.....

Haha that's blows