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Today, my girlfriend confessed that she's been cheating on me for the past two months. Apparently she thought I'd take it well, because when I yelled at her for being a heartless bitch, she stuttered "S-sike!" and tried to play it off as a prank. She's acting like we're still dating. FML
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  Mynamewontfi  |  40

Maybe you should read the FML again before asking. It says that she tried to play it off as a prank after OP yelled at her. She most likely didn't expect that.
In other words: Yes, she did cheat.

  DewTutorials  |  6

This is gonna get so many dislikes, but the fml comments section is sensitive. One simple harmless question and someones like:shut up, or read it again. Just asking:can people on fml be nicer

  foxwasalamb  |  24

people cheat because they're not getting what they need/want out of their current relationship. not condoning it or justifying it, just explaining what I've learned


33 is pretty much spot on. As someone who's done it before, it's a horrible thing to do to another person, no matter the reasons for doing it. I'm much more aware now than I was back then that if you're unhappy, you speak up and try to communicate, or you break it off completely. Some people just get caught up in their own frustrations so much that the solution isn't as obvious as it would be to most.

I'm not condoning cheating either, but those who cheat seem to always be labelled by overly judgmental people (ex:"once a cheater always a cheater) ... Some people don't seem to understand that people can learn from their mistakes and change. Some cheaters are just assholes, but it's not always that cut and dry.

  Zebediabolical  |  39

Some people make a mistake and end up with a child.
Some people make a mistake and end up in a car accident.
Some people make a mistake and end up balls deep in someone else.

And some people just don't care enough to break up with one person before hooking up with another.

  letmehavemytea  |  21

people cheat because they're too selfish to break up with the person they're already in a relationship with. usually it's for money or support. either way, people who cheat are usually inconsiderate and hella fucking gross.

By  mischiefkel  |  17

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  jenjen2633  |  17

At least she owned up to it, and didn't leave OP to find her in bed with someone else. Maybe she tried to pull it off as a joke because she got scared when OP yelled at her. I cry/get scared when people are mad and yell at me so it is a possibility.

  jenjen2633  |  17

Maybe she was expecting for them to be able to talk it out and maybe salvage their relationship. If she tried to pull it off as a prank I'd doubt she was telling him to break up with him.

  jenjen2633  |  17

Maybe they've been together for years. I'm not saying cheaters are great, but people change. People are constantly changing and maybe, just maybe the girlfriend feels awful about it and wants to start over.

I can see you can't be budged on your opinion of cheaters so I don't know why I'm even responding anymore.

  GamerG0DDESS  |  29

Before I begin, I have a VERY hard time correctly explaining what I mean, so I might use absolutes or harsh descriptions that are slightly off. Please forgive me ahead of time.

I've cheated, regretted it almost instantly. So, I'm a cheater for life? I will always cheat?

No, not at all. This misconception about cheaters is highly incorrect. It may be true in some cases but I've found that the majority of cheating is due to one party not getting what they want from their current relationship. A simple fix, if they had the guts (slightly harsh, this is what I was talking about earlier, I don't mean it to be harsh at all, just have a hard time explaining or finding better euphemisms until it's way too late and someone gets hurt by what I say) to speak with their partner, it could be avoided and they can go on living an honest relationship.

By saying "a cheater is always a cheater" you're saying that everyone that cheats has something physical/biological to them that they can't break. Not even given them the benefit of possibly just having a habit of being a moron which could be fixed by establishing a new habit that makes them loyal to one individual. People can change, in most cases.

You might not be saying this, but it surely does fit with the absolute of "always."

Do you see where I'm coming from? If not, don't fret, all in all, I'm simply trying to say that cheaters won't necessarily ALWAYS be cheaters.

They might grow out of it, they can develop new habits if they have someone they want to change for, they could of simply made a HUGE mistake, they could learn that instead of cheating they should talk with their partner and see if they can fix their troubles or possibly just take separate paths, etcetera.