By vaalcrawford - 11/05/2011 04:59 - Canada

Today, I puked up a centipede. FML
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vaalcrawford tells us more.

it obvs got in my system while i was sleeping. and if theyre poisinous then thats why i had to puke. nd yes i have seen the human centipede, no it was an actual centipede. i cried when i saw it it was ******* disgusting.


I have no explanation for this except it crawled up in your mouth when you slept or something. eughh..

ydi for eating a centipede in the first place! what a douche..

makes you think about what other creepy crawlers you eat while you sleep aye?

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you know it doesn't say she ate it right. it could've just crawled into her mouth or was in some sort of apple.

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OP, you must be the devil if you're projectile vomiting insects...

What the hell?! o.O That's so gross. T-T

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Right! Now I feel like there's a centipede in my throat.

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Maybe OP was giving deep throat and when OP was swallowing, OP swallowed a centipede that happened to be on his dick when he jizzed. xD

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human centipede takes a whole new meeting here.

the human centipede takes meetings! I called in earlier and was told it's busy.

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this reminds me of tyler the creators video Yonkers.

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FYL, I probably would've puked some more after seeing that.

you are all going to think I'm stupied but what does ydi stand for??

it means "you deserve it". and don't worry I don't think your stupid :)

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That is extremely gross haha, but it's wierd how some of this shit happens, cause one time I was in the shower and I coughed up a fly and I have no idea how it got in there.

205 is the best comment I've seen in a while

Centipedes? In -my- ******? It's more likely than you'd think.

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When I was 10 months old I ate a live giant moth covered in bug spray

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it was too hard to click on this FML in my iPod!!

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and now u learned not to eat centipedes :)

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i love the simplicity of this.

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lucky it didn't poison you on the way down

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I need one for a bug collection!

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yea seriously. who the hell eats a centipede?

it could have crawled down her mouth while OP was asleep. Her mouth just needed to be open. It nearly happened to my friend but he woke before it happened

And that is why I always sleep with my mouth shut!

OP could have eaten it in their sleep like spiders....still pretty gross

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How would they deserve it if it was unintentional?? That makes no sense, especially since it seems like the OP had no idea it was there in the first place...

You don't know how you sleep because you're asleep at the time. You can't just say "and that's why I sleep with my mouth shut". When you sleep, your muscles relax so I'm willing to be that 99% of people sleep with their mouth at least a little bit open. It looks like OP is very surprised to find this centipede so my guess is that it crawled in her mouth while she was asleep.

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at any given point in time your are no more than 3 feet away from a spider. true facts.

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Protein! How could you notice a centipede in the rest of your vomit? The insect must have not been in the stomach very long, since it would turn to chyme (a milky substance consisting of partially broken down food that is then sent to the small intestine), along with all the other food in the stomach. Also, I doubt one could see a centipede in his vomit unless it was just phlegm with the bug in it. But who knows, my logic could be way off.

lol how do you know your mouth is shut if you are asleep?

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how did it get in your system in the first place? 0__o

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he wanted to be the human centipede

it probs crawled in her mouth and down her throat while sleeping

it probs crawled in her mouth and down her throat while sleeping

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35 don't even bring that up, that's disgusting!

it crawled up their ass made rest stops along the way and finally jumped out turned to a giant homicidal alien and killed their right after they posted this fml... there fml explained

When you spend a night in my town strange things happen

ArielTheMermaid 17

you mentioned it now I HAVE to :/

PrincessesCrown 17

Dude someone was talking about that in class today and it scared the shit out of me.

the human centipede is a horror movie, not anything nasty like I thought 117 was talking about lolol

i googled it. ( well technically i yahood it) lol

228 you really need to take a grammar course.

am I the only one here that got a boner from this?