By NickySimpson - 30/04/2016 00:46 - United States - Sacramento

Today, I almost got fired for not following my boss on Twitter and Instagram. FML
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NickySimpson tells us more.

Guys, I work at Cartoon Network as a storyboard artist where we joke a lot. Luckily, my boss was joking. Phew.

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Does your boss happen to be an 8 year old?

I don't think it's fire worthy.. Fyl indeed.


Is your boss a white girl?

Does your boss happen to be an 8 year old?

Not a lot of 8 year olds have Twitter. Unless you're Elias Harger

UserError94 18

If an employee can't support your Instagram following how can you expect him to support your task-force. #thesehoesaintloyal

Well they probably want to complain about you there.

Then why would they almost fire them for NOT following them?

I don't think it's fire worthy.. Fyl indeed.

he's your boss, you should "follow" his orders

Well in this project, my boss happened to be Rebecca Sugar. So, I should follow her orders.

that's so cool I love Steven universe! I hope she's the same Rebecca Sugar ^^

How is that even possible?

Your boss is a dick

wrongful termination

This is unfortunately not uncommon in the age of social media. Honestly, it really shouldn't be. It's kind of like your boss demanding to hang out with you and your friends outside work.

If you do, make sure you're clocked in to get paid for doing it.