Dad jokes!

By Chels - 11/05/2011 05:17 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend came over to have dinner with my parents. They got quite drunk, and my mom shouted at him, "Have you had sex with my daughter?" As he was shaking his head, my dad said, "I have" in a really creepy voice, thinking it would be funny. It wasn't. FML
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That's what she did according to her father.

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15 - How was that related to 1's comment at all...?

Harsh 8. Even if it might be somewhat true... Btw am I the only one who anticipated for OP to say her boyfriend said "yes"!? Certainly was a change from what you usually see on FML when I read on.

omg that is so awkward and weird... sucks to be you op..

I guess a little more alcohol was needed to make that "joke" funny.

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I'm sure it was akward but seriosly why would he think it's funny. btw, I love the joker.

this FML is hilarious! but seriously the OP's dad is a creep...but funny at the same time o.o

i love how people who comment "wincest" on fmls either get tons of thumbs up or tons of thumbs down

It's because some people can take a joke and some cannot.

wincest as in supernatural winchesters?

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It wasn't funny cause he did have sex with you?

yeahhhhh I don't really get it either :S or maybe were both dumb 92 haha :)

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did I mention my name is Awkward Silence?

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Another gay baby was born....

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awkward silence so awkward you can taste it

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LMFAO! fyl indeed op. omg that just made my morning.

You would like to know, wouldnt you

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that's a win because you're picture is of amazing deliciousness

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and I can taste the French fries in your picture! man haven't hardly eaten in 2 days so sick!

ha lol I onpurposely said the "taste" part because of my picture. (not) *cough* *cough*

Since it wasn't funny, does it mean he has done it before?

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I don't think that's ever a funny joke, regardless of whether or not it actually happened.