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Today, I proposed to my girlfriend in public. She happily said yes, and the surrounding crowd cheered for us. About 10 minutes later, after the excitement died down, she leaned over and quietly said, "Actually, I don't want to marry you. I only said yes so I wouldn't disappoint the crowd." FML
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I feel for you OP, but at least she had the courtesy to not humiliate you in front of dozens of people.

Wizardo 33

Seems like she's busy pleasing everyone else but you, that's brutal man.


Wizardo 33

Seems like she's busy pleasing everyone else but you, that's brutal man.

It's actually nicer to OP to not make a scene and humiliate him (and also to not be boood by the crowd). Public proposals are always awkward....

I agree I always thought it was kind of mean to propose in public because the crowd can pressure them

challan 19

Maybe she actually "pleasing" others and that's why she doesn't want to get married.

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48- pleasing the crowd and sexually pleasing others is completely different. You're brilliant, Holmes. Jackwad.

12- i agree, it would have only ended up on some proposal video fail compilation on youtube. much better to let him down in private. however, the way she said it was atrocious! she could have at least sounded sorry about it!

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Am I the only one that remembers the FML where someone's boyfriend of three days proposed in a mall, and when she said no, people threw food at her? No one wants to be perceived as an asshole, even by strangers. I don't blame OP's girlfriend for not wanting to be the bad guy in a public place.

mariet_fml 23

Also, OP, I am sorry this happened to you. I imagine it was heart wrenching. I hope you forgive your girlfriend for the lie, and maybe one day she'll be ready.

Pleasing the crowd rather than being honest right off is as bad as lying outright. You make OPs day by saying yes, he's flying high then you pull the floor out from under him by doing that, it's not any better than lying right off.

Aww. Well that may happen when you propose to someone in public. Sorry, dude.

Well atleast she did it respectively right? I mean if she had given him a flat out no (in front of the crowd), that would be very embarrassing.

Erm..... respectfully? retrospectively?

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I feel for you OP, but at least she had the courtesy to not humiliate you in front of dozens of people.

False. With such mentality and mind set of OP's girl, she was more concerned about not having the crowd see her as the bad person rejecting OP more than caring about OP's dignity.

#4 & #54 have a point. But since none of know how OP's gf is like, we are just left thinking our own thoughts.

I think you need to understand that this FML was written from the point of view of OP and not his gf, therefore the FML May be slightly biased. I really do believe OP's gf meant to save him embarrassment.

Wizardo 33

She saved him embarrassment but shattered his world and somehow this is all cool. Sure it may be biased but wouldn't you write it this way? She killed him emotionally, that's the worst kind of death.

#93 - killed him emotionally? I think that is an overstatement. A person who's been bullied their whole life is emotionally dead. Someone who got their proposal refused and posted on FML, not so much.

wow #54, bitter much? I guess your username has a story behind it.....

You probably should have had the marriage discussion before buying the ring and planning a public proposal. Sorry, OP.

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He would've been embarrassed, not her. IMO she was just trying not to embarrass him.

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On the posts where she says no in front of everyone people say "she should have just pulled you aside after." I'd honestly rather not be embarrassed in public and get heartbroken later. **** it, you'll get over it. It was good in the moment.

You don't need to be with her. at least she saved you from public embarrassment but still, Not cool

"Not cool?" So she should have said nothing and gone all the way even though she doesn't want to marry him...? She's not the one at fault here. In fact, she handled this as gracefully as she could under the circumstances.

LO388 7

I think a "can we talk about this in private" would have been more courteous/graceful.

32, I disagree with the last part that u said. She should've said that she only said yes in order to save him from embarrassment instead of telling him that she didn't want to disappoint the crowd. OP is obviously gonna be going through enough emotional distress, so she didn't need to add insult to injury.

You got into this mess for putting her under public pressure. You deserve it. Don't make a public thing out of your relationship.

jem970 19

Wow seriously? Thats harsh as hell. The girlfriend shouldn't have lied just so she didnt get boo'd by the crowd.

Really? She should have accepted insults and mockery from complete strangers just because he can't ask her in private?

While getting your hopes up and crushing them is harsh, she did save you a lot of embarrassment and awkwardness from the crowd.