Will youuuuuuu ?

By Ido - 26/08/2010 20:06 - Canada

Today, I proposed to my girlfriend from the top of a bungee jumping platform at an amusement park. I yelled out, "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" from the platform, pointing her out. Turns out, I was pointing at the wrong girl. My girlfriend was very angry and ran away when the wrong girl yelled, "Yes!" FML
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YDI for not recognizing your own girlfriend..

chocolatedrop 0

i first read this and thought of the fresh prince of bel air


mebecatie 0

lmfao I hate this word but it needs to b sed rite now. fail.. agh I hate that word. but it totally fits this situation.

puffydude1 0

YDI for wanting to get married.

ahahah YDI for having a gf too dumb to see an honest mistake. Move on. Your future kids will thank you.

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ydi for wantin to get married, take that as a sign

Ali_Br_fml 33

aww, that was sweet! Maybe since the wrong girl said yes, she thought you were cheating... Hmm, she may be your next girlfriend... She likes you already!!! Or she has been stalking you for years waiting for you to notice her, and you are heading to a sick and premature painful death... Well, take it as a sign... go for it... just don't end up on the news for being dead, or come back to haunt me for telling you to go for it...

Well when you're Justin beiber of course anyone would jump at the chance and say yes and of course your 12 year old girlfriend will over react.

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awh that's mean. how could she not know u meant her if u are her boyfriend. that's just stupid.

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ur gf is an idiot. and ydi for proposing like this.

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Hahaha 18, I remember that episode!

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my guess is that you were at wonderland? if so then I'm confused on how the f**k you could confuse the two girls. either the other one was a friend who you didn't mind marrying or you are a lier.

Yes, because the only bungee jump in all of Ontario is in Wonderland.

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46 u look like a gayer version of Justin beiber

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didn't work on the fresh prince of bel-air, won't work for you either.

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he can't do that when he bungee jumps.

UpYoursInAdvance 0

Canada's Wonderland? Nice. I was there last week. Too bad I wasn't a witness to this hilarious situation.

benny2465 0

111 your scary right, i jumped back in fear when i saw that!! It has a twin!! Kill it with fire!!

You know there's thing called addressing her by her name before saying something as important as that and making a mistake like that.

your girlfriend should have known who you were talking to...

bubblzz 4

hahaaa... this fml is awesome...:)) everything that could go wrong went wrong... just sweet talk her and she'll be over it:D you must've done something op though to make her feel so insecure that she couldn't believe you were actually proposing to her.. i would love to be proposed to this way:D

Bubbelz 25

Haha so YOU are stalking me!

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i first read this and thought of the fresh prince of bel air

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Lmao, that was the funniest epi. Poor, Stupid Hillary.

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trevor: "hiliary banks" hiliary: "YES TREVOR!" trevor: "will you marry m--" *falls to his death* lol i was watching tht episode earlier... so effin funny :D

which ep is that? anyone got the name or season and ep #?

YDI for not recognizing your own girlfriend..

Silly method of proposing, but if she's that mercurial then you're better off without her anyway. And the stranger who wants to marry you is just a bonus!

God your ridiculous. Dude get some change.

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