By apparentlyunsexy - 27/10/2011 04:00 - United States

Today, while dancing at my studio, our instructor was giving us all characters opposite of ourselves to portray in an improv solo. My friends got cool things like "creepy" and "vulnerable". I got "extremely sexy". FML
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Maybe they ran out of characters and gave you the one that fits you?

babelini 12

Isn't it birthday SUIT?


Maybe they ran out of characters and gave you the one that fits you?

Or she's like Mother Teresa's corpse..,

Prove them wrong OP!

I am Mother Teresa and I approve this message.

I gave you what was best fit for you... and a bit trolling for me. U mad?

superficialheart 11

Sew mad?

It's all part of showbiz...

Yes indeed, if you're a dancer being extremely sexy is important in a lot of choreograpics!

You're sexy and you know it.....

conan13_fml 0

Or, you don't act like your hot and sexy and are more reserved, so he is having u be sexy...

Clap your hands

saIty 17

Just strut in your birthday loose, and let everything hang loose.

crazykidd15 0


babelini 12

Isn't it birthday SUIT?

lol! dumbass Bruno mars fans

saIty 17

Oh penguins. I didn't even realize that. I hate when I'm thinking ahead when I'm typing/writing.

saIty 17

Wow 56 way to make fun of my Donkey or my butt. Go play in traffic, chicken fart.

Try to prove the instructor wrong then.

Sexy, beautiful, and cute aren't the same exact thing. The all refer to having a good appearance, but if you're not sexy then maybe you're just cute?

perhaps OP is very shy and self-conscious. the dance instructor probably wanted to come out of her shell

no boner slaying is the opposite of extremely sexy

I think "hideous" is a better antonym for "beautiful." How about "repulsive"? "Dick-wilting"? "Nipple-deflating"?

They were just hitting on you, haha, dint worry! It's like a kindergartener when he picks on a girl, it means he likes you xD

TylerOMFG 7

Lol at OP's name. But, I'm sure you are beautiful. Just prove them wrong

Buttsexpirate 9

Get down with your bad self girl! Show them what you workin with!

Well if you're actually going to be an actor you're going to have to know how to play every part. Go get em tiger.

they are probably just jelous ;)

It's okay. I have trouble being "sexy" in dance class too! It doesn't mean you're unsexy outside of the studio. We all have our ways that we like to dance(:

I disagree with your second sentence.