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Today, I played a goth character in my friend's student film with goth clothes, lip ring, eyeliner, etc. We went into Starbucks at break and an elderly man came up to me and said "Your kind is the reason for all the bad stuff in this world" and then spat in my $5 drink. FML
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Kylias 6

No, the people who mind their own business aren't the reason for bad "stuff" in the world, it's the dickheads who feel they need to irritate the people who mind their own business.

oh damn. that'd suck you shoulda turned to him and said, "don't judge what you don't know. I'm not 'this kind' of person you're talking about. this is for a school project." then chuck your $5 drink in his face


No, obnoxious old fuckwits like you are the reason for all the bad stuff in the world.

No, all the religious crazy people are the reason bad stuff happens in the world. All them loonies starting their wars, discriminating against anyone who isn't like them, those are the nut jobs we should put in the asylums.

You don't need to be religious to discriminate against people.

ironmadion55 0

and where is the descrimination of religions coming in here???? you see how us christans are trying our best to bring peace! its muslims and jewish but not us christans. dont get me wrong we made some mistakes in the past but were trying to bring world peace, fyi... dont start talkin bad about religions just because youve taken biology class.

That doesn't make any sense. If there is war, both sides have to have some fault. As COD4 has taught us, "If we can't persuade nations with comparable values of the merits of our cause, we'd better reexamine our reasoning." Plus, you can't say that all of christianity is good, because christians are people, and people vary from very good, to very bad. There are just as many radical christians as there are radical muslims. So you better take a world religion class before you say stupid things again.

exactly. do you think that the westboro bapist church is a normal christian group? what about when christians from europe invaded aisa, austrailia and the americas and killed the settlers? christians are just as batshit crazy, if not moreso then other religions. they are a cannibals too. they eat the body of christ and drink his blood. i know it's supposed to be symbolism but its pretty ****** up symbolism if you ask me.

ironmadion55, you can't sit there blaming muslims and jews, acting as if christians are perfect "not us christians"! I mean honestly. You're all just dillusional, children believe that their parents will kiss their sores and make everything better, but you're kind of supposed to grow out of that. So stop thinking there has to be something to make everything better and that all your problems will be solved and accept life for what is it.

schmidtty 0

oh get off your high horse. there are BAD people in every religion. Christianity is no exception. and for your info i am Muslim. and guess what i started out Christian. raised in a Christian family and have been to Christian churches and let me tell you this the people at the masque I attend now do far more good then anyone at any of the churches i have ever gone to. (except one person) I have found that most (not all) of the Christens I have met are hypocrites. And hell you may not be one, you may be the perfect example of how a Christian should be. Im not trying to judge you but you really need to educate yourself. If you think all Christians want to spread world peace then your sadly mistaken. Not every one is good. oh and fyi don’t start talking bad about other religions because your Christian. it makes you look bad.

All Christians are good people? Really? Josef Fritzl was a very strong christian, went to church every week. also imprisoned and raped his daughter. Stalin was a christian too, i don't need to go into what he's done.

I'm pretty sure if you don't know how bad you are, there is no way you can call yourself a Christian, seeing as biblical Christianity is all about Jesus taking the penalty for our mistakes on Himself, and giving us His righteousness. If we don't see our need for a Savior, our claim to be Christians is meaningless.

tyhillman 0

Why can't everyone here just get along? I love you guys.

#27: Apparently, you've never heard of the Spanish Inquisition, among other things.

asylums are no longer operating... i say we simply kill them and start over?

chowyuk 0

Way to bring religion in it when the op said nothing about it but I guess it got your post the attention you carney freaks want any way

stalin was an atheist retard, all communist leaders were lmao

haha_lmao_rofl 0

dude, ur ******* stupid. It's spelled CHRISTIAN. and its not all the muslims and jews. its human nature to be violent. And i have to say that old man is a goon.

nerwende_fml 0

Oh yeah, sure. You talk about bringing peace? Dude, the first thing you do is say "It's not our religion, it's the people who have another religion and think different!" The only walls between men is the ones these men make. Religions, "races", ... those are only stuff people made to say "That territory is mine, don't cross this line!" And by the way, men have made God. Not the other way around.

Congratulations, you all feed the trolls.

I really hope your not serious about what you just said

@33 You can't switch to Muslim... Sure you can practice it, but you won't be considered apart of it.

zach055 23

Goth people are the least awsome

zach055 23

I meant to say "Goth people are at least awesome." I don't know how the word "at" got changed to "the" , damn you auto correct.

**** u 27! im jewish and if you knew anything its not our faults all the wars and shit

hope you all know without Christians we wouldn't ave exploded the world, have art, music, not even science because people wouldn't have thought 'wait a second....why the hell am I worshiping a dude in the sky' can't people deal with the fact we're all the same and what/who you believe makes no difference, and that's a view of a Christian.

Just so you all know, there are as many atheists that start wars... just very few people seem to remember that. Hitler never said he was a Christian, in the same way Pol Pot wasn't Buddhist. However, what really bugs me is that some of you have complained about religious people discriminating against people who are different from them... I'll let the irony of your hypocritical views sink in.

topdawg255 0

ya look at israel and Palestine. You Jews need to back off our land!

Go back, explain what happened, and ask for a new one.

Why should Starbucks have to pay because some stupid old man was... stupid?

No, the old guy should buy him a new one, not Starbucks. Goths do tend to be nicer and more laid back than other people.

can you not talk anymore? twelve years olds shouldn't talk...

Rawr100 0

What starbucks drink comes without a lid?

Rawr100 0

What starbucks drink comes without a lid?

upsidedownfrownn 5

Wow. Your the real reason for all the bad stuff In the world!

rmbroad 0

I do to liberals like that are ruining the country

I know it was all for a film, but people should just let others be who they are. There is no one cause of all the problems in the world, and if there were, it most likely wouldn't be "goth" people.


I'm actually highly offended by your comment and the old guy. I could say the same thing about ignorant ***** like you #1

oh damn. that'd suck you shoulda turned to him and said, "don't judge what you don't know. I'm not 'this kind' of person you're talking about. this is for a school project." then chuck your $5 drink in his face

it's not even about being mistaken for a goth, it's the guy thinking that goths ruin the world for everyone. i would've played up to his stereotype of a goth and do something to freak him out. like cast a hex on him.

birds_fml 7

All you had to do actually, was just throw your drink at him. Bigoted old f***s won't ever change their mind, even if you tell them that you're dressed that way for a play. Hell, you could be a goth saving puppies and babies from a burning building and they won't change their mind. You should've just given his spit back to him, all over his face.

martialart1st18 19

I don't care how old this guy is if punch him in his ******* mouth

Kylias 6

No, the people who mind their own business aren't the reason for bad "stuff" in the world, it's the dickheads who feel they need to irritate the people who mind their own business.

Amysbodybetrayal 0

So true. I don't care what anyone does in their life, but once they start trying to tell me what to do with my life, that's when I have a problem. If everyone could just be happy with living their OWN life, instead of trying to control the people around them too, then everything would be a lot easier.

Kylias 6

Precisely, m'dear. But some people feel they can't be happy enough, so they try to bring other people down to their level. Also; "Oh, Sir, I think you dropped your spit in my coffee. Here, have it back."

but by telling people to live their own lives and not tell you how to live youre life, your telling them how to live their lives, completely going against everything you said. hypocrite. ps. im kidding. dont take me too seriously.

no. respect the elderly man for his wisdom and honesty. YDI

infidelboy 0

wisdom? spitting in random peoples drinks is wisdom? go **** yourself

i agree thats pretty ****** up. I dont respect people in this world who are assholes ESPECIALLY when they waste your money

WickedClownMCL 1

So wait, if and old man came up and spit in ur drink, youd thank him for "wisdom?" Your right you would cause your one of those people that hang with a group of ******* and jump people cause they dont got balls enuf to do it themselves. Youd only do shit if ur friends were around bitch.

weird man.... that's just plain rude. he can't spit in your drink like that. u didn't even do anything to him! and people can dress however they want! wearing black clothes don't mean u do bad things!

shihtzupup98 3

that's bratty..... hunt him down and egg his house......

What an ass, there is nothing wrong with goth people at all, in fact, they're often a lot friendlier than other people.

Agreed, and not only because I'm one, but I hang around with alot people, and mostly the metalheads/goths are indeed the most friendly

stevenJB 25

I agree! I'm a metalhead/goth and I seem to get along with everybody at my school.

rttr 18

I agree. When I was in middle school, I was getting bullied when a goth kid stood up for me. SHe is now my closest friend.

inkdeath87 18

It's true. I wear a lot of black clothes and I am goth. If someone ever did that to me, I would turn around and punch them in the face, I wouldn't even care how old or what gender! People who judge people like that piss me off!!!

I am not a metalhead nor goth, but they are definitely the most friendly, down-to-earth people out there.


It's the stereotype too that affects people. I'm a goth/emo/metalhead and before I cut my hair recently, when it was all long and "girly", I suffered this kind of bigotry daily. I'm still the same person, with less hair, so now their basis of their discrimination is on my black attire and musical preferences. Because of people like that I have social anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, death, pain and other dark things and used to self harm (1 year clean). Throughout that all, people have actually told me that they're genuinely glad to have met me, and not just coz I can write them a song. People actually care, and value my contributions. That's why disgusting ***** like him need to open their mind before their mouth

What an old fart, so close minded tisk tisk.... why are there so many ignorant people in the world???