By Anonymous - 09/09/2009 04:22 - United States

Today, my daughter turned one month old. I decided to give her a congratulatory kiss on the cheek. She decided to projectile vomit warm breastmilk into my partially open mouth. FML
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i didn't know men could breastfeed now! must be some genetic thing.


no1askdu 5

So why did you have to open your mouth so wide when kissing someone's cheek? YDI.

never said it was alot of vomit in her mouth, but it would still be on her.

#9 He was probably baby-talking to her, smiling etc, hence the partially open mouth... Either that, or he was screaming in horror as he saw flying vomit coming towards his face! *lol*


i didn't know men could breastfeed now! must be some genetic thing.

Either did I but I have a grandfather who's nipples leak white liquid. We're not sure if it's milk though.

Der, obviously his wife/gf had just been feeding the baby, and he picked his daughter up an kissed her, and that's when she projectile vomited. It's not as though babies necessarily throw up immediately after feeding. I bet the baby probably didn't burp after the feeding and had a bubble in her tummy.

never thought you'd taste it after childhodd huh? wrong, so horribly wrong...

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where does it say that OP is a guy? Maybe it WAS the mom

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blue circle with arrow pointing up and to the side means male

when I first read this I thought it said " my daughter turned on a one month old so I gave her a congratulatory kiss" lmfao

Congratulations on your precious new daughter...and welcome to parenthood!

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Next time film it and send it to AFV

That's just odd, you can be expected to be pissed , shat, and vomited on, but that's wierd.