By the customer is always a cunt - 20/12/2013 21:48 - United States - Sarasota

Today, a guy came into the small coffee shop I work at, and got angry because I wouldn't accept his Starbucks gift card as valid payment. When I told him we clearly aren't a Starbucks, he said "It's all the same shit" and ended up throwing a punch at me. FML
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hopefully you called the police and had him arrested.

Ladies and gentlemen, stupidity at its finest.


I have nothing clever to say. Just an opportunity for the first comment. That is all.

this is just like saying first!

hopefully you called the police and had him arrested.

What an ass! hope he got what he deserved

Yea these idiots need to learn a lesson.

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Assault is the threat to harm you, battery is if it connected. Call the cops!

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The price is wrong, bitch...

Ladies and gentlemen, stupidity at its finest.

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I remember when i worked at McDonalds and a guy was furious because i wouldn't take his coupon for a free whopper

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Ignorant People>_

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Op you should press charges on that Asshole.

I wonder what the punishment is for stupidity...

The customer is always right.

What if they want to turn left?

Three rights make a left.

Look at op's username. I feel it's more valid

I can tell you haven't work in retail or any job that has to deal with insane people everyday

^ Amen to that

Sarcasm, right?!!

That customer is an as*****

You've never worked retail or food service.

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I hop you're kidding! I hope to God you realize that unless the OP was at a Starbucks (which he states he wasn't), there is no way their register would have accepted a Starbucks card as payment in the system.

I'm sorry you got so downvoted, I actually find this very funny. Whenever you work in retail or anything with customer service, you're always told "The customer is always right." no matter how wrong they really are. So to everyone else, it's called sarcasm, its a joke!

what a little bitch!

I believe cunt was the word OP used

You should've told him "yes" and served him water instead and said .."its all the same shit"

It is most definitely NOT the same shit. Starbucks IS shit. It's the worst excuse for coffee I've ever had the displeasure of trying to drink. I wouldn't drink that swill even if you paid me.

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I feel you Doc, I still don't know how they get away with charging 5 dollars for a cup of coffee

You think 5 dollars are too much? Starbucks in the US is the most reasonably priced compared to the prices they charge everywhere else. Most countries I've been to, Starbucks charges up to 7/8 dollars a cup. I won't argue that it isn't shamefully overpriced, but I love me some Starbucks coffee. Can't help it

I tried ordering a cup of coffee at Starbucks once. The girl behind the counter just stared stupidly at me.....

Is still expensive, in other places you can buy coffee foe $2, in Starbucks you pay $5 for exotic words for coffee

5 dollars is extremely expensive, especially when you drink coffee every morning. It adds up over time.

One good thing about Starbucks: in the US, hospital coffee was actually a LOT worse than Starbucks, until all the docs and staff started dashing out for Starbucks.

Starbucks normal (black) coffee is a fucking joke. People just have a need to have a foreign named coffee with so many additives and sugar in it it can't even be called coffee anymore. To each his own I suppose, still way cheaper to buy Folger's and creamer and make your own damn coffee!

You have obviously never been to Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin is amazing.

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I love when you ask for a "small/medium/large" like you know what it means, don't correct me. If I happened into a starbucks I ask for something with "a bunch of caffeine, hazelnut, and whipped cream"

#27 - I don't know what you're talking about but I live in Canada and I can get a XL coffee from Tim Hortons for $2. Most countries I have been to have decent price coffee. Paying $5 for Starbucks coffee is a ridiculous price for coffee and the quality isn't even better than a coffee you grab from McDonalds in my opinion.

I live in Canada and find that for regular industrial coffee, 2 or 3 bucks at Tims gets me a much better cup of coffee than Starbucks. But if I want a fancy coffee drink I'm better off going to Starbucks or a local coffee place and dropping the 5 it's going to cost me to get quality. Tims does great coffee and meh on the specialties. Starbucks coffee is ok at best but they do great specialties. I guess it depends on which you want that day.

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the stupidity of some people is mind boggling. I hope that your coworkers and the other customers came to your rescue.

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Lol this made my night.

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It didn't make Op's though