By Anonymous - 20/04/2015 14:45 - United Kingdom - Leicester

Today, I had a theatre performance. I had to put on a lot of makeup for the role, and one of the guys said I looked nice. I smiled and said thanks. Seconds later, I'd been sucker-punched by his girlfriend for "flirting" with her man. FML
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nesteremily 31

Punch her back, explain later.


nesteremily 31

Punch her back, explain later.

2 wrongs don't necessarily make a right, even if the other person deserves it.

**** that, if some random person punches me I'll punch back. doesn't matter if it's right, wrong, misunderstanding, etc.

psychopolarbear 28

She hit you first, it's self defense. She deserves it for going nuts like that.

Well obviously accepting a complement if flirting. duh!

Wow, someone is insecure. Hopefully the boy responded maturely and did something about his lunatic girlfriend.

I'm pretty sure he would be sucker-punched after that too

Andrewski12 18

I've heard us men are the root of all evil. he planned that.

drayloon 50

you've spent too much time on tumblr

I don't understand why some comments get a shit ton of thumbs down when they are obviously sarcastic jokes. People are so easily offended on this social media

What do you mean easily offended? You'll hear from my lawyer soon, 59!!

serslybro 20

Cause it's all your fault... Stupid jealous girls!

Sorry. I saw I was kind of early and I couldn't think of anything good so I just expressed my utter confusion as to why the **** she would do that.

Hopefully it didn't ruin your performance!

nityasomaiya 46

Oh I'm pretty sure it messed up her makeup tho. And probably added another shade of blue or bright red to it.

Sometimes I'm ashamed to be a girl. Things like this are the reason why.

I feel the same way but about being a male.

I feel bad for him, having to deal with someone as crazy as her.

HPCullen251 21

Don't feel too bad; he's dumb enough to stay with her.