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Today, I was conducting surveys over the phone at work. As I called a new respondent, someone answered the phone, burped loudly, and hung up. This isn't the first time. I hate this job. FML
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OP here. First of all we are not telemarketers because we are not selling anything. Telemarketers are the ones who will not let you go and force you to buy things over the phone. Second of all, yeah I know those calls are annoying. We are all aware of that. Do you think we really like to do this?! I'm a full time college student and this is the only job that fits my schedule. Whenever a telemarketer or interviewer calls you, just say I'm NOT INTERESTED PLEASE TAKE MY NAME OFF YOUR LIST. and we won't call you again. It's simple. And please, no need to be rude.

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Don't pretend like you haven't hung up on a survey phone call

SuperMew 22

I understand your frustration. But you cannot understand how horrid it is getting thousands of calls a year because people want to sell you things. I get 15 a week, and even when I tell them to take me off the list I still get calls. Even if someone is not selling anything, unless I ask to be called I do not wish to speak with someone. I do not get paid to listen, I do not get paid to waste my minutes on calls from other people. I have other things in my life to do and being called about things I do not want or need... well it is very annoying. I am also a college student. I get paid to take care of animals for people out of town, freelance work, and babysitters. I am in class a lot of the time, doing homework. Being called by someone I do not know can interrupt my work, wake up the children I am watching, and take up time I need to do other things. So while people should be polite, we are not paid to and it gets very annoying after the 15th person.


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Well it's better than doing it to his face don't you think? Still rude of course, just not as nasty.

If only there were a button for that.

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As much as OP might hate the job, I'm sure people hate being called in their homes for a survey

AntiPrude 26

Maybe it's just me, but i'd rather get a good laugh from that and get to hang up rather than have to actually carry out a shit-boring survey. OP you should be thankful for the humour mate

I usually answer, "Bobs Morgue You Kill em We Chill em!"

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You're obviously new here. May the onslaught of judgmental thumbs guide you on the right path.

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Indeed, his profile gives that he is fairly recent and hopefully learns the ropes soon

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Don't pretend like you haven't hung up on a survey phone call

I havn't. Even if they're a pain in the ass, that doesn't justify being rude to the person who's calling. They already have a shitty hob, don't make it worse.

SuperMew 22

But it's not our job to make their job easier. Not saying people should be rude, but really... I don't have time to make their life easier.

Octwo 16

It's rude that these companies call your phone all times during the day to market to you or gather statistics. I have no obligation to be polite to someone disrupting my day and wasting my time, usually illegally calling my cell phone. There is a reason I'm on the do not call registry, I don't want your calls.

I do, and it's because I don't want to waste their time. As the person who's calling I'd rather that I'm not spending lots of time with a polite person who's taking a lot of my time just to say no.

Has no one heard of the FTC's National Do Not Call list. You put your number there and legally telemarketers can't call you. Unless you fill out a request... You can also call this number tel:1-888-382-1222... I almost rarely get unsolicited calls now.

For once that it's the respondent that is full of hot air.

I dislike being pestered by telemarketers as much as the next person, but they are people who are just doing their job. They are given a script to follow, so it's not like they are just talking to hear themselves speak.

SuperMew 22

They get paid to tell us their info. However, I do not get paid to listen. I get like 15 telemarketer calls a week, for some ungodly reason. I think someone is signing me up for shit to be funny. However, I work at home and have to have the line open for babysitting, dog sitting, and freelance work. They even call during class. It gets so annoying.

I did not take a stance on them, rather what they say (which is not their doing) so no need to get defensive. This was just a joke with no-one in particular being jabbed at.

SuperMew 22

Just today, I got 5 telemarketer/survey calls... starting at 6am in the morning. I didn't even know they went that early. Either way, I am not in the mood for calls and am tired from my other job. I am never rude, mind you, I believe they are people and deserve respect until they start to pester. But you have to admit, people get annoyed being bothered all the time.

My god Supermew. That would totally do my head in. Is there any way you can get them to stop? Maybe easier getting a new number...

ninety 25

Yep, the telemarketers used to call me at all hours, even in the middle of the night. It got so bad that I had to change my number. Haven't heard a peep since.

Get a new job! You are only stuck where you are if you let yourself be stuck.

Easier said than done. Some people can't afford to not have a job and end up working places they hate.

Keep the phone job until you find something better, but life doesn't just throw new jobs at you you have to try.

You can always find at least a 'less shitty' job. Everyone's just always so ******* lazy and content to complain about how horrible their job is, but no one tries to better themselves to get a better job.

skyttlz 32

I'm 19 and trying to get a job. I worked at Taco Time for 3 weeks in the summer but the manager decided it wasn't the right fit for me.

Hey. You. Get a better job than the one you have. Right now. It's that easy, right? So prove it.

I agree it was rude; they should've just said 'no thanks' or something, but you've got to admit surveys are annoying...

Well, you've gotta admit you'd find it pretty funny if you vane up with that prank. I would, but noone ever cold calls me when I need to burp

saucyrossi 18

I've had worse. Try lifeguarding when the kid says he isn't feeling well then proceeds to vomit on you... But I do have sympathy for you OP

Honestly, with the job I had, calling DOCTOR'S OFFICES and getting rude people answering, it could be a lot worse. I would just be happy that I don't have to bother with them anymore.

Zimmington 21

I used to be a customer service rep & people would call me with a bad attitude yelling & cursing. Some people are just rude over the phone.

But with offices, especially somewhere like a doctor's office, you should be nice over the phone. Nobody wants to make an appointment with someone who's being rude.