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Today, I was performing in the musical 'Cabaret'. I was playing a Nazi soldier, swastika armband and all. Someone thought it would be funny to take my real clothes while I was on stage. I had to walk a mile back my house with my costume on. Someone threw eggs at me. FML
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Couldn't you just take your jacket off or turn it inside out??

Isn't it your right as an American to parade around as a Nazi anyway?


#10, I think you're the idiot. Why should he expect to have his clothes stolen and wear two layers?

#10, Your name "Cramps" really fits your message. #18, You just said what I was gonna say. Nice job!!! I hate people who respond to #1 to get their message seen.

SHIT I meant to say #12 instead of #10

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If all else failed and the armband was sown on you could've turned ur shirt inside out! duh!

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You could've taken off the swastika armand. FAKE.

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dude, don't say stuff like that on the internet. It's called racism, and it will come back to haunt you some day. Nothing can be erased from the internet.

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but then it's not legal for him to correct other people's grammar!

thats the funniest comment ive ever seen on here

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citadel high school did the same play

wait... you didn't think, "huh, maybe I should TAKE OFF THE DAMN ARMBAND???"

sewed on the costume? and the the other day someone stole my shorts at football so i had to walk home in boxers -_-

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aww that is mean. I'm sorry, ugh people like that are just so rude, fyl indeed.

oftentimes in shows, parts of costumes that would in real life be detachable are tacked or sewn on so that they don't accidentally slip off/move/etc during performance, or get lost backstage. i would guess that that was the case, particularly since even i (as a performer and not a costume designer) would have sewn the armband onto the costume. it's also possible that op was dumb and didn't think to take off the armband if it was detachable. clearly i wasn't there so i don't know, but either way. fhl, that sucks.

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Or, I am pretty sure the place would have had other productions. He should have switched his outfit for something else. I know that my highschool has an entire costume room, and their are plenty of suits that someone could borrow if they explain the situation.

Couldn't he have just worn the shirt inside out?

I was in that play- played a kit kat girl though. that really sucks for you!!!

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How the hell can there be a kit Kay girl in the same play as a nazi?

Costumes should never leave the theatre. Whoever took your clothes is a douche. I hope your costumer kicks their ass.

Isn't it your right as an American to parade around as a Nazi anyway?

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It absolutely is, but that doesn't mean everyone is gonna like it. The egg thing was kinda harsh though. I could see the eggs being thrown if OP was running around screaming "HEIL HITLER" dressed like that, but it really doesn't seem like he was.

Harsh ? in some parts in Europe you could end up in jail for waring Nazi regalia. If you dont get beaten up first.

And in some parts of Europe you could get away with a lot worse.

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Americans are terrible! I wouldve thrown a carton of eggs if I saw a person dressed as a Nazi!!

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Couldn't you just take your jacket off or turn it inside out??

hang the bastard by his balls, or, if it's a bitch, hang her with a rusty hook throughh her ******.

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and Germany!! winter for Poland and France!!!!

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Couldn't u just take off your jacket or turn it inside out??

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I agree, you probably should have taken off the things that could identify you as a nazi.

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Sorry pal, I was responding to Jandersoniiis comment, not your. Don't know why it got put here.

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Ok then we'll just come to your house in the middle of the night, separate you from your family and either shoot them or put them in concentration camps. Then you can tell us how nazi's had 'great ideas'.

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#90 - Well, the Nazis did have the most advanced war machines of WW2, including the first jet plane, which comes across as a good idea.

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Wow someone must really hate you to take your clothes. I bet your a tool bag YDI.

Been happening to me, too. Perhaps we should make an FML about it? ...nah, people would just call it a fake.

WTF? FML is going crazy, I replied to a different post than the one my reply is attached to...

Maybe he couldn't get a ride home, which is why he walked. I always feel bad for the kids who walk back home after being in a play. At least have taken the arm band off though. And since you're a guy, it's not such a crime to go shirtless either.

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i actually agree with cramps. as an actor, you should wear at least a thin layer under your costume, like a tanktop or a plain t-shirt, especially if it's a costume you have to wear more than one night. no need to leave extra sweat on a costume, especially if you can't wash it after every performance.

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why is the numbering so screwed up on this page? that's not the post i replied to :