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Today, I was performing in the musical 'Cabaret'. I was playing a Nazi soldier, swastika armband and all. Someone thought it would be funny to take my real clothes while I was on stage. I had to walk a mile back my house with my costume on. Someone threw eggs at me. FML
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  jaybrown  |  0

#10, Your name "Cramps" really fits your message.
#18, You just said what I was gonna say. Nice job!!! I hate people who respond to #1 to get their message seen.

  HarleyRider77  |  0

You could've taken off the swastika armand. FAKE.

  inf1nite  |  0

oftentimes in shows, parts of costumes that would in real life be detachable are tacked or sewn on so that they don't accidentally slip off/move/etc during performance, or get lost backstage. i would guess that that was the case, particularly since even i (as a performer and not a costume designer) would have sewn the armband onto the costume.

it's also possible that op was dumb and didn't think to take off the armband if it was detachable. clearly i wasn't there so i don't know, but either way. fhl, that sucks.


It absolutely is, but that doesn't mean everyone is gonna like it. The egg thing was kinda harsh though. I could see the eggs being thrown if OP was running around screaming "HEIL HITLER" dressed like that, but it really doesn't seem like he was.

  mish01  |  0

Ok then we'll just come to your house in the middle of the night, separate you from your family and either shoot them or put them in concentration camps. Then you can tell us how nazi's had 'great ideas'.

  Anaxes  |  5

#90 - Well, the Nazis did have the most advanced war machines of WW2, including the first jet plane, which comes across as a good idea.

By  redbluegreen  |  40

Maybe he couldn't get a ride home, which is why he walked.
I always feel bad for the kids who walk back home after being in a play. At least have taken the arm band off though. And since you're a guy, it's not such a crime to go shirtless either.

  idkwtfimdoing  |  0

i actually agree with cramps. as an actor, you should wear at least a thin layer under your costume, like a tanktop or a plain t-shirt, especially if it's a costume you have to wear more than one night. no need to leave extra sweat on a costume, especially if you can't wash it after every performance.