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  tobyraza  |  0

No, it's bad.

Why did you sign up for a dating auction? I had no idea those existed, but I would expect some pretty creepy guys would be there. YDI.

  Bobissmall  |  13

If it was a charity, FYL for not getting someone else, but what can you expect i suppose, should be prepared for a weirdo:P

If it wasnt for a charity, YDI, why would you do something like that anyway? :P

  persianjr1  |  7

whoops i clicked enter to soon. what about its just for fun. if there ae people who are despret enough to have to buy you for a date. their probably creeps. just sayin

  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

Hellz yeah!!

I'd bid at least two fiddy on you! *wink wink* And I won't talk about lord of the rings with you either! I'll just talk to you about when I got herpes from a carrousel that eventually took me to the moon where I got to play with myself I mean with my balls um I mean toys yeah toys in close to zero gravity but my toys floated away and I couldn't breath on the moon so I came back down to earth where the humans thought I was an alien but I was like no I'm a kangaroo what are you and so then they did some tests on me and I sued mcdonalds cuz I felt violated but I ended up losing so now I'm a poor dead alien with herpes and only my memories to keep me going. uh huh.

  collegegirl87  |  0

lol me too! I was only 12 when the movie first came out, and me and my best friend were obsessed! We bought all the movies, games, and action figures! lol Big spender of mine?