By Oops - United Kingdom - Newcastle Upon Tyne
Today, I accidentally spilled red wine on my cat. She ran away and licked the wine off before I had a chance to clean her. My mother is deeply concerned our cat is dying. I'm trying to tell her to wait 24 hours before taking her to the vet's, simply because I think my cat is hung over. FML
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By  MademoiseIIe_C  |  9

<p>Or... Have heard of that incredible invention called the telephone? <br />If I were worried that my cat might get very sick because of alcohol consumption, I would call the vet just to make sure it will not have any (deadly) effect on my pet and not just wait and see... <br />While there&nbsp;might be no need to rush to the vet right away, as I'm not a doctor myself, I'd rather have some advice from a professional and know for sure my cat will be ok&nbsp;than take any risk for&nbsp;his or her

By  Talis99  |  26

Call the damn vet. Alcohol will hit a small creature faster and grapes are poisonous to cats. At least be a somewhat responsible pet owner and call. Accidents happen, but you could at least play it safe afterwards.

By  sasquatchius  |  3

<p>I'm pretty sure it's not possible for cats to get drunk. The only reason we can get drunk is because we evolved to be able to eat fruits that had rotted somewhat and had alcohol. &nbsp;Alcohol is simply a poison to cats.&nbsp;</p>

By  neuronerd  |  28

<p>At least call the vet. Even small amounts of grapes (thus wine) can cause kidney failure in cats.</p>

By  DoomedGemini  |  37

If your mom had the money she should take the cat. As others said, this isn't a simple "lol drunk cat" alcohol is poisonous to animals. It's better to take the cat and make sure they're fine rather than wait and the cat dies.