By Voice29 - 26/03/2009 21:11 - United States

Today, I bought my girlfriend two tickets to a Broadway show that was coming through town she really wanted to see. I couldn't attend with her due to work so she said she would take her mom. I found out later she took her ex. Now they're back together, and I paid for the date that made it happen. FML
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What a bitch move on her part. If she's willing to do that to you, she's not worth it



What a bitch move on her part. If she's willing to do that to you, she's not worth it

Maybe he'll get anal to make up for it. There's always an upside.

A girl like that isn't worth the trouble- the same thing's going to happen to her now current BF. Just move on man-trust me-it's for the best. You don't want a girl like that.


agree with #4 and then pee in the skull's mouth!

maybe pull an r kelly on both of them too


Why did you buy tickets for a time you couldn't go to? If you bought them before you were scheduled, why didn't you request off or trade times with someone?

That sucks. :(

Oh my god that's so fucking bitchy of her, after you did something so sweet. Although it's so lame you couldn't go with her. Still.

ouch. thats gotta suck. but honestly if you knew u couldnt go... why would u waste all money?

Because he can't go doesn't mean his ex-girlfriend has to miss out as well.

Why did you get two? Was it because you thought you could go, but then soemthing at work came up? Anyway, that's pretty much bitchy on her part. And she lied to you.

Oh my god, that's awful! You're so least you got rid of her before it's too late.