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Today, I was desperate to teach my 2-year old to use her potty. I had to pee, and thought maybe she would learn by watching me use it. Everything was going well, until I realized that I had a long pee. So long that it overfilled her potty all over. FML
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third as in 23rd... anyways, at first, my thought was "how is that possible?!", and then I realized that you probably used a tiny one since your kid is 2... ydi... most adults would use the real toilet as an example and explain that they should use the small one.

  jonny2x4  |  0

At least you didn't drop a deuce at the same time. Potty chairs aren't designed to hold alot. Cleaning up a pee spill is a piece of cake compared to wiping up caca.


just clearing it up for people who are stupid:
OP did not use a real toilet. she used one of the potty-training toilets, which are ridiculously small, to fit the 2 year olds that would be using them. how do you expect a kid to sit on a toilet that's probably as high as his head?

  americayay  |  0

i get how that would happen, but i don't get why she would use the kid's potty instead of the toilet or how she wouldn't realize that she had to pee too much in the first place.


it's kind of a lose-lose situation. i can get that you used the small potty, because i really doubt that kids have the common sense that the toilet and the kid potty are the same thing. so either you both pee on the toilet or you both pee on the kid potty. so FYL.

  humorizer  |  14

You deserve it for showing X Rated stuff to your baby. I mean, I can understand if you want to show your husband a long pee... but your baby? Weird.

Just sit the baby on the seat and she'll realize what to do. They understand a little bit of english by the time they're old enough to urinate on a toilet.