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  Ashleerose  |  0

I kept my ex in my phone even tho he was harrassing me and anytime he called me from a different # i saved it under his name... turned his ringer on no ring. that way i could ignore it easier... i had changed my number 3 times and he always found it.

  lexiBRo  |  0

I'm guessing the OP texted everyone from the new number so no.. your idea would not work at all.. because you can't pay to have your number changed and then send texts from your old number

  baby_love  |  0

you can block anyones number you call your phone company and there's a 3 digit code they give you, you dial it then dial the number and you no longer except calls from that number. also, $80? it only costs $35 to change a number so I don't know WHERE you could have possibly had it done

By  BLNovelist  |  0

YDI. Why would you keep her number? Seriously?

For that matter, just don't answer if/when she calls. IT can be annoying, but just ignore it. Record every instance if need be so you can get a restraining order.