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  genius_girl16  |  0

well you have yourself in quite a predicament. Im sorry you were never taught this and had to be taught by your little brother. At least you dad didn't have to teach you. but if you lived in south Georgia island you would already have mastered this skill set because at the age of 5 you are required to learn this. Its called a practicality class and teaches you all kinds of life skills even sexual ones. better luck next time.

  TryToBeKind  |  0

In South Georgia? I thought your brothers and sisters would teach you so you wouldn't make an ass of yourself in front of your cousin when you finally get some.

By  BLNovelist  |  0

The only reason I say YDI is because you should just learn that shit yourself. My boyfriend didn't even know what the clasp looked like, let alone how to undo it and get it off, etc. He learned by doing - which, by the fact you wanted to learn now, you had a girl you wanted to do so for/to, so you could have just done it all yourself.

  jussmyyluckk  |  0

Unhooking a bra isn't rocket-science ! It's probs about as complicated as adding 1 + 1. But ya, I'd like to know who the guinea pig was ? Did you put a bra on him or something ?

  BLNovelist  |  0

Well, depends on how you'd do it. P: For a guy that never had/wouldn't often do so, it can be difficult at first - but after the first few times, it should be a piece of cake. IF almost every woman on the planet can manage, a man should be able to as well - especially with so much incentive, ha.