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  TaffyMichele  |  9

Maybe she doesn't have texting? I have friends that don't have it, and they're rarely on a social networking site, so if we need them we have no choice but to call them.

  SpicyDuck  |  22

But a stalker could easily find out your friends name and say "I got a new number" and you have no clue what they sound like. Ops friend overreacted and wanted people to feel sorry for her.

  Doortje  |  29

Well, that's the question, is OP the weird one here for calling her 36 times, or is it her friend, for calling someone a stalker after getting just 1 or 2 calls from an unknown number?

  rudegirlmania  |  10

OP could be one of those people that call all the damn time.
You know what I mean. That "friend" you gave your number to because they were your partner in class, but they keep calling just to ask what's up or even worse, to tell you what's up every few hours. Kinda sensing that vibe here, just sayin.

By  BeforeItWasCool  |  12

What a dumbass. Even if you were a prank caller, that doesn't necessarily mean you're a deranged stalker. 99% of prank calls come from bored kids. Ask her to remove the number, and maybe be careful what information you share with a person who gets that freaked out by such a minor thing.

By  alexhaz64  |  4

Way to jump to the worst possible conclusion! Do people not answer calls from unknown numbers anymore? You never know, it could be your long lost grandma or something.

  I_Has_A_Fishy  |  12

Unknown/blocked numbers are usually telemarketers or debt collectors. If it's someone who really wants to get a hold of you, they can leave a message WITH their number. My dad used to say that if someone didn't have the decency to call from a listed number, then he didn't need to have the decency to answer their call. Generally I agree, it is pretty rude to call from an unlisted/blocked number. That's like someone calling you and asking who you are when you pick up. They called YOU, they should be revealing THEIR identity (or number in this case).

  I_Has_A_Fishy  |  12

It just occurred to me you may have been referring to numbers that aren't in a person's contact list... Not necessarily a blocked or unlisted number. I apologize if I misunderstood that and went off on a different matter.

  Drigr  |  9

As far as the FML goes, the number wasn't blocked/unlisted, or the friend wouldn't have been able to post about it. I'm the same way with blocked/unlisted numbers, if it is important, they will leave a message or text me. However, I ALWAYS answer if its a non-800/obvious spam number in case it is either someone whose number has gone missing from my phone, or someone I know that for whatever reason had to borrow a phone and call me.

  Arch27  |  27

Since both my grandmothers are dead, a call from them would be quite a welcome thing. This is especially true if it was from my maternal grandmother. She's been gone for a long time, and had Alzheimer's for years before that. A call from her in the state I remember her best would be ideal.

I'm a huge fan of The Twilight Zone and the original Tales From The Crypt comic.

  chippa  |  24

If you list your number, anyone (like telemarketers) has your number. It is not "rude" to unlist your number... Just ask who is calling or put their number in your phone.