By DeadBroke - United States
Today, I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years because I was tired of his childishness and anger, so he decided to send me 540 random text messages of scrambled letters in order to mess up my phone as well, as make me pay 20 cents for each message. FML
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  Jbiebs82  |  0

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  AziraLevana  |  2

Why is the recipient charged at all? Here in Australia, the sender pays - the only exception that I know being premium SMS services. Charging the recipient is double-dipping. How do they justify that?

  ecarr  |  7

Here in Singapore, students get free unlimited SMS. Other than that,they have 500 free sms per month. And you dont pay for received texts.

  catatonicsleep  |  17

its stupid, i didn't get charged to recieve texs in the US when i am on a UK phone. It seems stupid to charge people who are on the network but not people linking onto it, networks always charge stupidly expenisive amounts to people linked onto them, they charged £1.40 per minute to make calls but nothing to recieve text....

  Daggertrout  |  6

And if you do have a plan, and it's not unlimited, you still get deducted for incoming messages. Text messaging is a racket. It costs the phone companies almost nothing to implement, and they ding you going both ways on them.

Also, not every wireless provider has a "don't read, don't pay" policy.

  russianspy1234  |  11

Actually, it costs them exactly nothing. When implementing cell service, they noticed they had like 128 bytes left over that they weren't using, so they implemented text messaging. It uses the same system that your phone uses to tell cell towers who you are / what your phone number is.


That is so stupid. Seriously where I live you only pay for text's you send. When you have to pay for reciving txt's it's like the sender has to pay for a stamp as well as the reciver. That is silly.

  ExtraTitanian  |  0

I've got a prepaid phone, I pay about 20 bucks a month for unlimited texting and free nights and weekends, downside is I pay $.10 a minute, but I get bonus minutes everytime I pay my bill. Prepaid is the greatest thing ever.