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Today, I changed my phone number because my old one belonged to a prostitute. My new one belongs to a debtor. FML
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so your new number "belongs to" a debtor? do you guys share a number?

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You should have given the prostitute's number to your mother. Oh the look on her face!


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who still does the "first" thing anymore. seriously. immature & dumb. get a life. so do you come this early I'm your sex life too? oh wait. you're such a geek you probably don't have a sex life let alone a girlfriend.

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#27, I'm glad you're not my sex life...

27 is a fail...ragers fail slightly more then the "first!!!!" fools... just sayin'

why does sex life come before girlfriend?

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#27 is pms'ing like crazzzzy.

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bc that's just how immature guys think. o_0

ohkay now all ya gatta do is kill both of them and frame the prostitute bara-bim-bara-boom. you got your own number

#50; shut your face, not all guys are the same. Shut up and stop generalizing us, like **** a hundred years ago you didn't even have equal rights, you know who gave you rights? MALE polititiens, and I don't think they were expecting women to somehow forget this, and think there better then men. Your not, your far from it.

#50 politicians* they're* than* You're* you're* If you're going to rant, please first learn to use the English language correctly. Also note that she said IMMATURE guys, not all guys. So, you're the real idiot here. If she said all guys you would be right to be angry. But she didn't.

I am sorry, that was directed at #66. FML deleted half of my comment.

god i would just love me a piece of that...debtor

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70. lol we all have the freedom to be morons and sound stupid..... Just let those that embrace that principal keep doing it, then they will have a much shorter life span.

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Why did they give females education.... Life would have been better 100 years ago. Now they are running around thinking they are Albert Einstein. But Males still **** women's from behind, meaning, we don't need to respect they since they are no difference than female dogs. Ragers, come at me, I don't go back to the FML to check my comments, I only read the FML once. See you :)

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Respect them* Hurrr Durrr sorry grammar nazzi's I learned my lesson.

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66- STOP being racist. And really, she probably didn't mean EVERY guy in this world, so stop your rampage and find something better to do with your life. 77- Males don't run the whole world, so get over it. Males and females are equal in every way, you don't respect us.. then we won't respect you. And "**** from behind"? I would love to see your mothers reaction to this.

76 he's just making an extra effort 63 it's sexicst, not racist.get it right.

66, you dumb ****. two points here to fill your gaping yapper: 1- you arguing is proving that most guys, especially yourself, are immature. 2; women's rights came into affect after women fought for seat of council, followed by HER dedication to free all those and equalize our world. don't ******* comment until you learn your facts.

lol why do people get so mad at people on here? half of the people don't believe what they're saying anyway, they're just trying to piss you off. and even if they do, there's really no point in arguing. nothing has ever come out of an argument on FML.

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83. the actual term is sexist not racist( .

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You should have given the prostitute's number to your mother. Oh the look on her face!

so use the hooker to pay off the debtor and it's all good. ; )

so your new number "belongs to" a debtor? do you guys share a number?

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*Excatly what I was thinking.

How do you share a number? Is it just me or does this FML not make sense :|

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There wasn't any sharing going on. OP just happens to be a prostitute who's in debt.

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old/canceled numbers get resold to new customers by the phone company.

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it used to be a debators number but now it's they're number

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#5- i was thinking the same thing.

I don't get this. It said "belonged to" a prostitute but "belongs to" a debtor?

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so. google is one way to find out. asking on here is also another way to find out. I chose the second one :)

6: a debtor is someone who borrowed money and never paid it back. And OP, kick your boyfriend's ass.

20- Wow, you are dumb. Google is quicker for you and us. Here you'd have to wait for a reply and we'd have to waste our time writing you the answer. Google, on the other hand, already has the answer, so you just type it in and look. If you spent a certain amount of time checking the results (you choose the time/result limit) with no luck, then you come back to FML and ask and if someone tells you to Google it, say you already have. Simple.

but sometimes people are using the app version on there iPod,or iPhone… and they would prefere not to use there actual Internet as I don't…

33 - just because I'm lazy and dont wanna use my iphone data for the internet, and dont mind waiting for a reply on here doesn't mean I'm dumb, so kindly gtfo. :) Hahaha shh marinus, it's not like you actually teach me that kinda stuff :p

thanks for asking the question 6, because it may have been quicker for her to use google, but for someone like me who didn't know, I can just read the answer on here

I see 64's ass! Wait that doesn't rhyme...

But the person who answered you is wrong. A debtor is someone who collects money from people who owe, not someone who owes. (My dad works in a debt collection agency, that's how I know.)

Take this opportunity and make friends with the bill collectors. That way if you ever eff up on a loan, they'll give you a break on the calls. lol #6- a debtor is person who is in debt...they usually get a ton of calls from collection agencies which makes having the number sucky for the OP.

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I was wondering who got my old phone number. 5 dolla make you holla.

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I don't understand this, why are you sharing a number with a debtor?