By DuhSteven - 06/06/2012 17:04 - Canada - Surrey

Today, I had my first ever shift at the zoo. My job is to explain the characteristics and habits of various animals to the visitors. A five-year-old outsmarted me while I was talking about lions. FML
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Hylia_fml 6

Personally, I don't blame you. There are some really bright 5-year-olds out there. But, either way shouldn't YOU, as the zoo employ know more?


Hylia_fml 6

Personally, I don't blame you. There are some really bright 5-year-olds out there. But, either way shouldn't YOU, as the zoo employ know more?

wlddog 14

It's kind of hard to be the expert when it's your first day.

Are u smarter than a 5th grader? Nope. 5 year olds? No.

citymayer 7

My 5-year-old sister outsmarts me all the time. Its usually with the way i say things, she twists it all around; it's probably bc she's got 3 older sisters and has to stay ahead of the game.. Still, she's very clever for a 5-year-old. This FML doesn't surprise me.

Didnt your boss tell you what to say!? Or did they just throw you to the lions.....

Why didnt u just read the sign in front of cage?

You gotta know your lions, man. You won't get anywhereswithout your lion facts.

52, in my head OP read what was on the sign then BOOM, out comes this give year old from left field with some national geo channel speech.

22cute 17

I hate when you go to zoos or museums and the guide feels s/he has to be the world foremost expert on everything. Just relax, encourage smart kids & try to learn something from everyone you meet. No one likes a know-it-all too stuck up to praise a smart kid.

Damn_Hippster 11

I got all my information on lions from the Lion King movies. Who knew that they spoke English?

62, they have invisible eyebrows too.

I don't blame them at all . When I was 5 I was obsessed with dinosaurs and I knew the most obscure facts about them . On every other subject I was just a normal kid but If someone brought up dinosaurs... Well they were going to get lectured. OP probably just came across a lion kid

So was I, then I discovered dragons. Dinosaurs seemed pretty lame after finding out their flying, fire-breathing cousins were easily accessible.

Probably shoulda done some research as preparation? I would have but maybe that's just me

Well he had to have done SOME kind of research, right? I mean, you don't just say "these are the lions... They have stripes.." Little kid- "well some lio-" "ns will eat children who harass minimum wage employees." *deathstare

Maybe he did do research but forgot or got nervous, it was his first day on the job. If he didn't know what he was talking about they probably wouldn't have hired him.

It will be ok, just do some more research and just remember lion won't help you.

And learn about... Lions? Dafuq school did you go to?

himynameischeese 6

Whoa whoa whoa. Don't tell the zoo keeper what to do. It was his first shift he'll get the hang of it!

Nat geo FTW. People especially children tend to learn a lot about fascinating animals on tv. Still you got owned by a 5 year old :)

Lauren10102 3

Hmmm, I don't know about that... I am an intern at the Houston zoo and while holding a model ostrich egg in front of the shared giraffe/ostrich exhibit I got like 6 people ask me if it was a giraffe egg... it makes me scared for the future generation

perdix 29

Give them a break -- most people walking around the Houston Zoo have some form of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. They are probably delirious.

You sea what he did there? I'm shore you did.

SystemofaBlink41 27

5- beary good joke there... beary good joke... >:}

How qualified do u have to be for that job?

It's a great idea to ask random people on FML that question! They'll sure care!

I can't help but think this one might be your own fault, OP. A little extra-curricular research isn't that difficult.

colts609380 7

Those toddlers are always really serious about their zoo animals

jeff98 2

i thought he said he was taking his first shit at the zoo... haha

I know there is a good pun here between lion and lying but I just don't have it!

perdix 29

You mean like, "You shouldn't be lion to those little kids anyways?"

I guess he didn't have the proper koalafications

look at the bright side OP. you may not be quite as smart but at least youre getting paid more than him!