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  a1f0sff  |  25

She probably has him as a contact to identify the person who's sending texts and phone calls... Still op, fail. You should have been more careful about it if he was the reason you changed your number.

  Vash_41288  |  10

If they they have an android device they can block it no problem, have it sent to voicemail automatically, just delete messages, and all texts just get ignored.

  metalflower01  |  7

61 - not all carriers cost. I know Verizon allows 5 at a time before charging. You just have to update it every couple of months or the number will fall off the block list.

If it is a carrier that charges, there are apps you can download that play a message to certain numbers claiming that your number is no longer in service.

I just recently did a lot of research getting rid of an asshole myself!

  Awsumuzzie  |  12

Well, I think it's ok to have hoda number saved. It's probably to identify the abuser. Op can just block him, too. But that's just boring, op should give him what he wants. Opportunity knocks in different ways.