By Anonymous - United States
Today, my boyfriend called me to break up with me. Immediately after we hung up, I started crying hysterically. I thought I dialed my best friend, and as soon as the line picked up, I yelled, "That motherfucker broke up with me!" My now ex-boyfriend replied, "Yeah, I know I did." FML
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  TysonFawlay  |  0

You must totally lack any form of social skills if you think that'd grant you any kind of advantage.

OP: He has the right to break up with you, so to be fair he didn't do nothing wrong. At least he didn't cheat on you right? Sucks though.

  lexiBRo  |  0

that made no sense.. if she said that she would be admitting to her ex-boyfriend that not only did he dump her but the guy she was cheating on him w/ dumped her as well... Not sure how that would make the situation any better =/

  genius_man16  |  0

seriously. It's not like he's the only guy in the world. Goddamn. And he broke up with you over the phone? Talk about a lack of class/balls. Why are you sad you're rid of him?

  Subcontinent  |  14

Whilst it might be overdramatic and does indeed sound like a high school break up, I don't think yelling and swearing is all that terrible - if you got broken up with you'd be upset, she didn't mean to be yelling at him she was just dealing with how upset she was and as someone who swears probably too much when you're angry or upset those are the first words you go to to express that

  krissmundur  |  0

she would not have said ''I thought I dialled'' if he was with her friend.

and with insults like that, nobody will respect you... you have to sound less like a 12 year old.

anyway, I would hate to be the friend she meant to dial.

  omgitspoy  |  6

um actually what was said is that she THOUGHT she dialed her best friends number. she really dialed her ex and didnt make sure who answered just yelled right away.