By Sam - 27/02/2011 21:42 - United States

Today, I overheard my parents in the kitchen talking about how they wanted to try anal tonight. There is over three and a half feet of snow outside, leaving me no way to escape the horrible sounds and mental images yet to come. FML
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still just knowing about what they are doing is life altering :( FYL

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exactly my first thought too. at least that what i'd do, blasting music in my earphones while do some stuff that would take my mind off.

@44, really man? I don't think any daughter should think about their Mom being a MILF.

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if this girls/guys never smoked... they might freak themselves out in their room by themselves, just a thought

dude just play video games while they get their game on. that's what I do when my parents do it. u should b thankful your parents still love each other.

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Whenever I heard my parents doing it, I turned on my headphones. Or... you could run in during and ask "Hey Mom did you see my... OH MY GOD!" just to ruin the moment

Headphones and either a movie, TV, video game, or online videos.

Wow. At least your parents are doing great. If that's any consolation? On second thought, I'm sorry, I don't think there's any consolation.

I just wanted to say that you are very cute!

ok pimp (#40) this is FML....NOT a dating site, so chill

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I agree with 40. 67, you horndog -_- Asdfghjklimsobrd.

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yea, no consolation at all for that one. lls

Honestly I agree with your first part. Its not nice to have parents that dont like eachother :(

Images? You planning on watching?! O.o

I'm pretty sure it said "images" by itself earlier.

Actually it did, I asked a moderator.

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definitely said mental images retard...

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88- Moderators can change the post. You just made a fool of yourself.

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Darn... Loud TV, or blast your earphones?

I feel sorry for ya, but there's lots of ways to prevent yourself from hearing them.

Eww. Thanks OP, now I'm having mental images too.

Brave the snow!!! It's much safer for your mental well being

Unfortunately, the mental image is already there. May I suggest a combination of alcohol and a long trek in the snow? Vodka seems appropriate.

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ugh that's gross, creepy, yet oddly enough also funny. I'm gonna tell my friend that tomorrow! :)

Play very loud music :) but yeah sucks for yooou!