By Sam - / Sunday 27 February 2011 21:42 / United States
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exactly my first thought too. at least that what i'd do, blasting music in my earphones while do some stuff that would take my mind off.


dude just play video games while they get their game on. that's what I do when my parents do it. u should b thankful your parents still love each other.


Whenever I heard my parents doing it, I turned on my headphones. Or... you could run in during and ask "Hey Mom did you see my... OH MY GOD!" just to ruin the moment

Wow. At least your parents are doing great. If that's any consolation? On second thought, I'm sorry, I don't think there's any consolation.

By  McMan

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Unfortunately, the mental image is already there. May I suggest a combination of alcohol and a long trek in the snow? Vodka seems appropriate.

ugh that's gross, creepy, yet oddly enough also funny. I'm gonna tell my friend that tomorrow! :)

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