By Richard - 06/02/2010 18:39 - France

Today, there was a new and extremely attractive girl at youth group, so I decided to introduce myself. Her reply was, "Wow, I've always wanted to meet a gay guy!" FML
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your reply " and I've always wanted to meet an ignorant bitch"

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WTF? what a terrible rude thing to say!


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hahhaha first! you shud be ashamedddd

In all honesty, who would just assume you were gay, I call fake.

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^THIS. :) Eh, it replied to the wrong one.

why do 75% of fmls come from this area of France?

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The France thing is bc if you don't put in a location, it automatically chooses this one. And btw, FYL

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a girl won't say that in real life

#90 actually my friend has been asked by girls if he was gay on numerous ocasions when he isn't

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Yeah, girls do. I have friends tht are girls who talk about how much fun gay guys are an whatnot, and how when they meet one they'll be "bffl's" :P i don't understand girls.

yeh I don't get why girls have an attraction to gay guys... it's really wierd.

man haven't u seen kick ass? play along

Hm, maybe you just didn't hear them. I'm gay, and I hear stuff like that all the time from girls.

I'd tell her to keep on hoping, and ditch her ass.

@ 51 well his name is richard... the short of which is dick (i don't know why either). maybe that's it.

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WTF? what a terrible rude thing to say!

I don't think she meant it as am insult. I think she actually thought he's gay.

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it's not such a HORRIBLE, BAD thing to be gay.

yeah, if you are it. if you're not and everyone thinks you are... it is a bit.

It's horrible and bad if you're not gay and trying to score with a chick...

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however it does make an amazingly funny thing to watch.

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No its just horrible that she judged him from three words "Hi, I'm Tom" or something to that effect. Even if he said more it couldn't have been a lot; therefore, she is a rude jerk who judges people.

Or maybe he said "Hi, I'm dick", seeing as dick is short for Richard ;)

Maybe his name is Gay? He'd have to have pretty cruel parents though.

it's horrible because that's not something you should say, even if he was gay. gay people are human beings, not exciting exhibits.

Umm Actuallly it us among the worst to be a homosexual... Read the Quaran And Bible! Heck Even Bhuaddists cant stand the idiot queers!!!

yes it Is ..... god created Adam and eve not Adam and Steve ! and no I'm not religious . I'm Jamaican ! fire bun fi all battyboy !

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So true! I would rather have a gay teenage son than one that is rude, has no sense of class, manners or hygeine, and doesn't know what hair product to use!

Why the hell would you care what hair product your son uses?

your reply " and I've always wanted to meet an ignorant bitch"

Or "suck my ****, bitch" that would send the message straight, and your sexuality.

yeah I've tried that before. ex-girlfriends don't take it too well haha

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I've noticed nowadays that there are a lot of feminime guys...the kind that have that sort-of-tousled-little-boy bowl cut, have more girl friends than guy friends, talk like a Valley Girl and enjoy taking pictures of themselves way too much...that guy with the annoying sunglasses and panda hat on The Real World DC is a perfect example. If you are one of those guys then I'm not surprised.

I don't get why this is a bad thing, it's the perfect plan, and he doesn't have to go through all the trouble of convincing her.

yeah I think you could say you are gay and then become her bestie and takes baths with her and she won't think anything of it cause you're 'gay' hehe

I was gonna clean my room, but I got high I was gonna get up and find the broom, but I got high my room is still messed up, and I know why because I got high, because I got high, because I got hiiiiiigh!

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eh, take it in stride. correct her and she'll be way more embarrassed than you are. i'm a gay guy; someone thought i was a really butch lesbian once. you get over it.

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#12 I think yours is more of FML, that's hilarious. If you could get over that OP should be good.