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  whitley1031  |  0

Yeah, girls do. I have friends tht are girls who talk about how much fun gay guys are an whatnot, and how when they meet one they'll be "bffl's" :P i don't understand girls.

  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

No its just horrible that she judged him from three words "Hi, I'm Tom" or something to that effect. Even if he said more it couldn't have been a lot; therefore, she is a rude jerk who judges people.

  joey112  |  0

So true! I would rather have a gay teenage son than one that is rude, has no sense of class, manners or hygeine, and doesn't know what hair product to use!

By  Malinkrot  |  3

I've noticed nowadays that there are a lot of feminime guys...the kind that have that sort-of-tousled-little-boy bowl cut, have more girl friends than guy friends, talk like a Valley Girl and enjoy taking pictures of themselves way too much...that guy with the annoying sunglasses and panda hat on The Real World DC is a perfect example. If you are one of those guys then I'm not surprised.

  flame1819  |  0

I was gonna clean my room, but I got high
I was gonna get up and find the broom, but I got high
my room is still messed up, and I know why
because I got high,
because I got high,
because I got hiiiiiigh!

By  devendra_fml  |  0

eh, take it in stride. correct her and she'll be way more embarrassed than you are. i'm a gay guy; someone thought i was a really butch lesbian once. you get over it.