By Shamu - 27/02/2011 19:28 - United States

Today, I found out my friends call me 'Shamu the whale' behind my back. FML
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I guess they really aren't your friends, are they?

Whether or not you're heavy doesn't matter-- your friends shouldn't be rude to you! Get some new friends.


I guess they really aren't your friends, are they?

yeah, find some real friends or lose the weight lol

find some real friends AND lose the weight... fatty

Find some whale friends and lose some weight

Omfg what pieces of shit!!! I'm sorry OP but those are NOT friends.

Because you know that I'm a gay fish!

Well? What do you got to say for yourself, Shamu? You're better off making friends with Derek the Whale and Betty the Whale. Atleast that way, you can all call each other by your names in the open.

20: if she finds whale friends she doesn't need to lose the weight. DUH.

Yo mama so fat...

That sucks. Sorry op.

that's a cute dog number 2! anyways sorry OP but those aren't real friends

Lose sum weight and get new friends

i have to agree with #4 i think its time to join a gym

Technically "behind" your back would be your front, sooo .. Ydi

Technically, you're an idiot.

pick on somebody your own size! like a cockaroach. or a dick head. LOL yeah! dick head size, you dick head

I actually facepalmed. Behind your back is like behind a wall... You don't go to the other side you go behind the damned wall

Whether or not you're heavy doesn't matter-- your friends shouldn't be rude to you! Get some new friends.

Exactly! I'm not going to say "get some new friends" because those are not friends. Honey, get some friends and stop hanging out with losers who don't respect you.

cute baby #70 :)

Aw thank you! [: That was when he was three weeks old. The picture I have up now is from Easter, he's almost 8 weeks now o.0

man what if your family says that too? ha then they could sing " we are family! even though your fatter than me!" sorry. had to do it.

hey there you four eyed piece of meaness, does your family call you the bug eyed freak that you are? they should then you could get a dose of your own medicine!

OP did not say she was fat. Maybe she smells like fish. Or will do tricks when someone holds up a sardine. Or she shoots water and air out of her blowhole.

hahaha... NO! your not funny

His not funny what?

33, I found the comment hilarious, actually.

Could be worse, my bff calls me a whale to my face... though my nickname for her is smelly so...

wtf your bff is an idiot, you're gorgeous

not really, friends just have weird names for eachother, one of my friends is "shamu" too and she's gorgeous, don't worry op

yeah, i no a girl who's nickname is "Snooki". not the best name in my eyes :)

They call you shamu? God, that's horrible. FYL.

really... they call her shamu... god... if only i had read the fml

Get a Twitter account and you can get chummy with the Fail Whale. Go Orka Go!