By Anonymous - 03/01/2009 16:48 - France

Today, I can hear my parents having sex in the next room. FML
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Better the next room than the same room.

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Depends on if they are old or younger. Try banging on the wall and yell "mom shut the Fu*k up I'm trying to sleep"

at least you know they still love each other

move out? join them!! lol jk... thats a sick thought... ewww

don't move out, have sex in your room so they can here

My parents did it all the time and they were loud The first time I heard it, I was twelve and it happened about 4 times per week Just saying OP might not be old enough to move out and it's only going to get worse

lol how is it pain a bro or sis is formin in her genitals

Ever heard of birth control dumbass?

At least they actually like one another enough to still do it. Otherwise, pretty nasty tho :(

The funny thing is that OP posts this FML on his phone instead of getting the hell out of there.

9echo: Perhaps he DID get the hell out of there before posting it via his phone. I certainly would have!

Well at least they're not getting divorced. How is this FML?

you think thats bad try hearing them knowing your on the second floor there on the first and you are on opisits sides of a huge house and it still sounds like there right beside you -_-

Better the next room than the same room.

you have parents who love each other, this is the exact opposite of a FML. go out for a few hours or turn up your stereo.

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wow that is really messed up man that better be a joke:P

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WTF is wrong with you that's like wanking to your mum moaning

it happens to me often. i just take my ipod and that's it

I've walked in on my Mom with her boyfriend three times in my entire life. It's disturbing.