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Today, I went to my first ever high school party with music, drinks, and dancing. Within a few minutes of taking my first ever shot of tequila, I was in the worst pain in my life. My parents were called and I had to be taken to the hospital. I'm alcohol intolerant. FML
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You're intolerant because you're STILL IN ******* HIGH SCHOOL. I realise many people here are not from the US, but in Florida (where OP is from), it is illegal to drink under age 21. It's illegal for a reason. To all the idiots here saying "lol kids start drinking at 13 get a life lololooloool" you need to shut your immature, clueless little mouths. I've seen more kids killed while drunk driving than I'd care to mention. I just pronounced an 18 year old dead last week because he thought he could drive drunk and get away with it. He didn't. You can vote me down all you want, but that's the damned truth.

Wow, you shouldn't have been drinking anyway.


That must have been so humiliating OP. FYL for sure.

Op you're lucky(: don't feel too bad! Sorry about the painnn):

At least its easy to avoid alcohol. They don't sneak it in innocent-looking foods like they do with gluten or lactose. Still, FYL OP

It's actually a little bit more difficult than that. I'm alcohol intolerant and I have to avoid all products made with alcohol. It isn't always just beer, wine, and hard liquors. A lot of common cleaners like Lysol have alcohol and coming in contact with it will give me a reaction. Even some deodorants and laundry detergents contain alcohol.

I have a mild contact allergy to alcohol, although I have no problem drinking it. Almost every beauty product contains alcohol. It's really hard to avoid.

You should have eaten protein first... I had 6 shots of Bacardi 151, and 10 more of Alize before I crashed when I ate. than last night didn't eat first, 3 shots of Alize and 1 of 151 and I couldn't even stand.. Eat something when you drink people, come on... I never drank till after highschool but other friends did, their parents were all in contact and approved. I think you can have a controlled party. Whatever you had happen was either you bring quite virgin to the pain it can cause in your throat and chest that you assumed you were dying, or you really have a huge issue there. Better luck next time lol

#33, if OP has an alcohol allergy, it doesn't matter if she eats or not.

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33, OP is alcohol intolerant. she cant't break it down. it's like lactose intolerance. nothing you can do will change it.

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33 she's/he's allergic to alcohol, and by the way no one gives a **** about your stupid rant you just did, everyone knows not to drink on an empty stomach, but no ones gonna make sure they eat lots of protein before they pound shots you amatuer.

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33 your a rutard for bot reading the FML before commenting

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86- you are right.. 33 is a total 'rutard'... along with you.

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@GoingLesbian: Alcohol intolerance is an inability to convert alcohol to sugar that can be digested. If I remember my science right, it takes two steps for the body to convert alcohol to sugar. People who are alcohol intolerant are missing the enzyme for the second step, and the convertedx1 sugar backs up in the brain and causes major pain. It has nothing to do with being too drunk or not drinking correctly. All you did with extra food was slow down the absorption of the alcohol by filling your stomach with food first (especially fatty foods). And may I suggest that the amount of alcohol you can drink before passing out from near-poisoning is not exactly a badge of honor.

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It's safe to say 33 and 86 are both idiots.

omfg fyl !!! how the heck u gonna enjoy life! damn, I will probably shoot my self if I had that gay allergy !!

I'm not quite sure why this is an FML anyways, I mean, its not life or death and it can prolly save u a few brain cells

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haha 33... you completely embarrassed yourself. :)

Is it me or does OP sound like the most awesome designated driver?

People on FML are so mean.. it's probably the only site who has users that are meaner than the moderators. The moderators are nice, though :) btw, 33 and 86 are, indeed, A-class idiots.

Wow you're a dumbass. there are other ways to have fun if you didn't know. I dont drink but i smoke weed and its great.

Trust me OP, a medical allergy to alcohol is far less embarrassing than a guy who say, had three cruisers and three shots of rum and then had to go to hospital.

That sucks OP but you don't need to drink to have fun, or smoke. All you really need are the people that care about you by your side. :)

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fyl. I can't imagine not drinking. the best things happen when I'm drunk.

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109, it totally is. I can't imagine going about life without a glass of wine. certain fields just require it- I'm premed and I can't imagine how I would deal with patients and deaths without something to numb my senses down since I am overtly emotional. That's not to say all doctors need it because my bf doesn't drink and he's going to med school now to be a surgeon. And it's proven than a glass of wine a day can decrease risk of heart damage and a glass of wine does not kill brain cells. At that level the liquor is so diluted that even if a molecule or two does pass blood brain barrier, it is insufficient to cause any permanent damage.

don't worry op. I had half a beer and couldn't stand up for two hours.

33---you are a loser!! For one, eating really does nothing when you are ALLERGIC to alcohol. 2--You are trying to brag about how much you can drink. 3--In your pathetic attempt to make yourself look like a party animal you failed because that is not that much to drink at ALL!! All you accomplished is making yourself look like the pathetic little poser you are. Have a nice life knowing you will never be as great as you think you are!!

its okay, you're not missing out on anything...alcohols are just empty calories o:

This message brought to you by the letter A

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245: That is kind of depressing. You should probably experience more without the influence of alcohol. 247: How excited were you when you finally found a post you could use to go off on a tangent about yourself and your boyfriend?

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seriously??? u need alcohol to enjoy life??? your a freakin idiot!!! I don't drink outta choice and I enjoy my life just fine... matter fact I have a great life :)

Bahahaha! All you need is people 234 is highlareous!

296 - And that's the reason you don't have anyone by your side.

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Oh, and because I want to fit in with the rest of you champions, 33 you suck.

33: don't worry about the haters. I got what you were saying without having to attack you to show off how much better than you I think I am. And now you know.. op is allergic.

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you don't have to drink or do any drugs to "chill" or have fun. friends, family, sports, and or sex? never heard of an allergy for sex so far. safe sex is more awesome, try monogamy it's great!

Wow, you shouldn't have been drinking anyway.

buddy was the guy that never got invited

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Thank you buddy. I'm glad someone understands..

I don't understand why she shouldn't have been drinking anyway. The drinking age of 21 is an arbitrary limit in the US. Age is irrelevant as long as everything is in safe quantities and someone responsible is there.

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Explain to me then why no other country has such a high drinking age

@83: i'm not sure, but it probably has something to do with the fact that they're different countries. if you can't figure out my point, it probably means you've damaged a few cells before turning 25.

Your brain is not going to stop developing if you have a moderate amount of alcohol before you're 21. That's bullshit. All of the studies I've seen on the topic focused on alcohol dependent individuals. Obviously if you consume alcohol on a daily basis, constantly, you are going to lose braincells at any age; that's just common sense. Many countries have lower drinking ages, are you saying that because of that all of those people have smaller than normal brains? . It's ridiculous to think that in the US a 20 year old can't have a glass of Champagne at New Years, it's so ******. :/

it's because other countries and not as stupid as us. they do not drink to get drunk, in fact in most countries you get jailed for being drunk. our country is full of idiots

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no one should drink anyways it can kill you and it will sooner or later

@126, we do drink to get drunk here in Australia, overly overly drunk, goin out to the valley on the weekends with specifically the reason to get as drunk as you and dance with random chicks. The whole clubbing nightlife scene is built on getting drunk, and on my first night out on my 18th birthday I did almost get arrested for being too drunk in public(not proud of this however), but my friend convinced the police to let me go by getting his other friend to come pick me up and take me home.

^^omg STFU. how about we leave it as a personal choice instead of having everyone getting jacked in eachothers biz?

As my civics teacher says: It's because the USA, is 100 years behind everyone else. The China is like. 100 years ahead. lol.

123 wtf are you talking about? considering that China closed their borders to trade in the most important time period of eastern and western development and still vastly limits civil rights, I would say China is way behind the US

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Jesus why are you guys writing that much for a topic that won't change the drinking age of the US, just lol about the fml and go on to the next one don't waste your time arguing with ppl you don't even know. bahahaha op you tight ass mutha ***** XD fyl

125, it's the same all over the world. drinking age here in holland is 16, and sure as hell do people drink to get drunk at that age... it's universal

126 then ur teacher is a stupid Chinese ... cuz if the US was so bad ppl wouldn't come from all the world to study and live in plus it is the first economy in the world

people have been doing it since the beginning of time and we've been fine. what's the difference now? it's not like it labotomises you..

Your right but they should go father did you no holland (where many hard drugs are legal) accually has a 60% lower drug usuage rate

she can drink if she wants to. its a party and her first time goin

All the best things in life are illegal

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thank you buddy! you could have ****** killed someone drunk driving!

I've been having alcohol in small quantities since I was six. I'm top of my class in most subjects

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Then why is the drinking age much lower in other countries? Also, why can young children drink wine with their parents in France?

Thank you one person here who has sense

I'm pretty sure teens haven't been mindlessly guzzling booze since the beginning of time.

haha that sucks! at least u won't turn out to be a big alcoholic!

you should feel lucky, alcohol's a bitch

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I can't smoke or drink either. due to a medical condition >.<

same I'm allergic to weed and I don't drink... now that's an fml

now how do you get diagnosed with an allergy to thc? that had to be one hell of a conversation with your doc. unless you had a doctor greenthumb that is... lol

Who says a doctor needs to be involved? If you try something and you suddenly break out in hives or your throat swells up so much that you can barely breathe, I think the conclusion that you're allergic to it is pretty obvious.

64 - you can't smoke weed?? That's terrible Dx

That wouldn't prove an allergy to weed itself though unless it happened with several possible strains of the plant. That could only prove that one was allergic to something involved with that particular plant. It may even be something as stupid as the dealer kept it in a box/bag that had something else in it that was bad. Never self diagnose an allergy because you could find out that what you assumed was not right.

That's not a cry for you to run out and smoke a bunch of pot. That is just a simple warning for anything that you might think you are allergic to. Get verification from a doctor always because otherwise your self diagnosis could come back and bite you in the ass later.

couldn't agree more with hanimon. I spent an hour in the lou getting sick at a family event the other night I know this becuse a 10sdcond memory flash and my sisters. This weekend I hope to have the cop to not do jäger and taquila :L.

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How is that embarrassing? It's a medical issue. You are embarrassing.

To the person experiencing such a medical issue it probably is embarrassing. It embarrassed the hell out of me to be taken from my work in an ambulance and that was medical issue.

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Agreeing with 2 and 6 here. This shouldn't be an FYL when you're in HS.

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#22 You can have a life without binge-drinking in high school.

Oh, come on. One shot of tequila is NOT the same as binge drinking. Most of the adults I know drank in high school. Just... do it responsibly... er... I don't know. What Glee said.

OP could have been planning to have more. I'm aware that one shot isn't binge-drinking. :P Like you said, in moderation it isn't bad! But shots aren't usually something that you'd have in moderation, as far as I know--unless the shot was in a mixed drink of some sort.

so you do condone drinking in high school?

drinking isnt that bad u need to learn ur limits though my first time was horrible

Umm I going to guess that this allergy will outlast HS so saying its not an fml if shes in HS seems kinda stupid

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@185: Unsaid I suppose were my thoughts on this... alcohol is poison to the mind; it lowers your physical, mental and psychic defenses. Also @ 22... get a life!"? Pathetic response. I haven't drank nor done drugs, and I feel fine. I do not feel like a no-life or a loser. Though If having "no life" means I have a higher intelligence quotient than the majority of people, so be it.

I do if the person feels they are mature enough to handle it. I have plenty of friends who drank and smoked excessively in high school who are now successful adults in college, grad school, and the workplace. Just because YOU feel these people can't handle it doesn't mean it's true. And of course there are those people that can't handle their shit at all and are complete idiots when intoxicated. But when there are other countries letting their children drink at any age with better results then the U.S.'s current system, I don't see how you could be against it.

@ 220: quo·tient    [kwoh-shuhnt] Show IPA –noun Mathematics . the result of division; the number of times one quantity is contained in another. Maybe I'm just high but I think you used that wrong. Good to see you're that much smarter than us stoners.

289 - You do know that "intelligence quotient" is IQ, right? She used it correctly.

YDI both for drinking in high school and for making your first drink a shot of tequila. WTF were you thinking? You at least have a mixed drink or a beer first. Never start with shots. Then again, I could be biased because i refuse to ever have (take? drink? do?) shots even after my 21st. But seriously, you start small first time.

a standard shot of alcohol is a standard shot... wether you mix it with soft drink or drink one standard of beer... what's your point? not how you drink it it's how many you drink :s

actually wouldn't it be how quickly as opposed to many? I mean you can down a case of beer everyday and not get drunk if you drink one an hour(the rate the average person metabolizes a beer).

u guys do realize it is legal to drink technically while still in highschool in some countries. eg Australia drinking age is 18 so you would be in your last year of highschool? plus what teenager doesn't drinking while in highschool ease up would ya and stop lecturing her

eww beer is fattening I only do shots if I ever drink. it gives a better buzz

u guys do realize it is legal to drink technically while still in highschool in some countries. eg Australia drinking age is 18 so you would be in your last year of highschool? plus what teenager doesn't drinking while in highschool ease up would ya and stop lecturing her

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alcohol intolerant... she would have had the same result after any one drink.

I'm tempted to say "you deserve it for drinking underage", but I had my first drink when I was 18...And therefore underage. I'll just stick with saying that sucks and I'm terribly sorry!

TheDrifter 23

Well 18 is legal up here, but then Canadians don't feel the need to coddle our children for half a decade after they could be fending for themselves.

Yes, but I'm not Canadian...So technically it was still underage for me. :P You should tell that to my mother. I'm 21 and she still coddles me.

Don't feel the need to coddle your children for half a decade? So Canadian children are on their own before they're 5...?

Prankster7o7 5

Yeah, here's your proof that 90% of Canadians are dumbasses.

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I had my first beer at 14 haha

yeah, and look in the mirror and that'll be your proof that 100% of Americans are dumbasses...

Learn to read 115, he said half a decade AFTER they could be fending foe themselves. i.e. at 16 (half a decade before 21). Virtually everyone I know regularly drank alcohol at 16 and we're perfectly well adjusted people. Also, starting drinking before you go to university means you have some level of tolerance for the high level of drinking there. If you've never drunk before a university party you're bound to get stupidly wasted.

18 to 21 count four years guys which is nearly half a decade jsyn...

@191 That was one of the most childish, ignorant comments I've ever read. Congratulations on being a huge douche.

I never even knew you could be "alcohol intolerant" o_O

Yeah, it's a rare allergy/medical condition. Your body has a specific enzyme that's sends the alcohol to your liver and filters it out. People who are alcohol intolerant lack this enzyme, therefore, instead of filtering it out, the alcohol stays in your body and thus causing an allergic reaction. If not treated it could lead to death. I don't know why, but it says that persons of Asian-decent represent a large number of the people who have this.