By Luke - United Kingdom

The key to happiness

Today, I was helping a friend move. Before we arrived, he put his key on my key ring to keep it safe. When we got there, he promptly shoved my front door key into the lock and snapped it clean off. Not only can we not get into his house, but now I can't get back into mine. FML
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By  LOLinurFACE111  |  0

good luck getting back into your house :D
and your friend is a moron for breaking the key- you have to put a full amount of force to break it. I'd kill him if he did that to MY house key :p

  WingsFan80  |  4

why can't op get into their house? the key broken off was to his house and on your ring, so that means if I'm not mistaken you have the key to your house in your posession still. correct me if I am wrong?

  isonobonbon  |  2

sounds like an exasperating turn of events :s

  FFML_314  |  11

OK! I'm mad! I have been told that I win probably, a handful of times on this website and every single time, I wait and wait for my prize....and NOTHING! WTF is this shit? Don't get my hopes like this people! If I win, give me something for winning, othwerise you're wasting my time and breaking my heart.

OP, go get a new key made. :)