By Anonymous - United States - Raynham
Today, with 24 inches of snow on the ground, it is raining like hell. The weight of the snow, now full of rain water, collapsed the roof over my living room. I was eating cereal in my underwear, in the living room, directly under the failure. I'm cold. FML
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  biggestfan23  |  11

I live in Connecticut. All the newscasters and the governor told everybody to get there snow off the roof because of the rain. I'm sure they said the same for Mass. so I might have to say ydi on this one

  Michael_92  |  20

It was pretty bad here too in Northern Michigan. Coming home yesterday the roads were just ice. I touched the gas and it just skid. Worst I have drove in all year.

  NoFlippinWai  |  24

I live in Northern MI, Too. I worked a 3rd shift that night. Slipped on the way out to my car, got stuck in the driveway at work, shoveled out the driveway just to have to push the car into the driveway because of the ice. worst day ever.

By  mystical11  |  4

That sucks OP, roof collapse is an expensive replacement, I hope you had insurance. Best of luck to ya and hope you got a place to stay while your roof is replaced.