By Anonymous - 11/02/2013 20:58 - United States - Raynham

Today, with 24 inches of snow on the ground, it is raining like hell. The weight of the snow, now full of rain water, collapsed the roof over my living room. I was eating cereal in my underwear, in the living room, directly under the failure. I'm cold. FML
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jsprackman 11

If it was Cinnamon Toast Crunch then it wouldnt be so bad...

skip_m 6

Step 1: Stop texting about this problem on your phone. Step 2: Go put on some clothes.....


jsprackman 11

If it was Cinnamon Toast Crunch then it wouldnt be so bad...

But ... if it was Cap N' Crunch, OP has my deepest sympathy ...

tjv3 10

That sucks OP . I hope things get better for you. But I'm glad you are able to keep your humor:) I like the way you wrote the fml!

Well nobody's going to steal your Lucky Charms now.

Looks like he got more than Honey on his combs.

laya_fml 26

Don't fall for this FML. OP could be full of Trix.

30- dumbass not all FMLs are funny. Hence **** My Life..

zombieslayer83 19

I bet It's Cookie Crisp in there!

Who cares about cinnamon toast crunch... Wtf!

29- don't think he had any lucky charms to begin with seeing as his roof collapsed

I have never craved cereal more in my life except the last time I wanted to eat cereal I got up at 3am to do it. :P (about 5min ago)

Bo_Bexy 5

NO NOW EVERYONE CAN! alls they have to do is go spelunking down into his wide open living room.

This is how they make Frosted Flakes. True story.

decidedlyvague 11

At least they weren't Cheetos. Those things are dangerously cheesy.

It falls onto your heaad. *probably a fail but a tried*

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

Dear 91: I didn't get it but I think it is so sweet that you explicitly stood up for 46 :)

Did u at least get to finish your cereal OP? Best of luck with that man. ):

Wasn't sure what I was getting myself into after I saw 24 inches...

I'm not sure why the hell I typed "u". My keyboard keeps spazzing out. You**

Just thinking about it makes me cold...

I live in Connecticut. All the newscasters and the governor told everybody to get there snow off the roof because of the rain. I'm sure they said the same for Mass. so I might have to say ydi on this one

they did tell everone in mass to do the same but clearly OP had more pressing matters at hand like what cereal to eat

Lionesse 15

Hey, sometimes Cereal is so good you get into it. Then you forget to you know, prepare for inconvenient weather.

priceyfml 7

I love in MA and I had to get all the snow off my roof

Bigdanish9785 3

That snowstorm was brutal, I had easily 3 feet in my driveway.

spekledworf 18

I hear you, I live in the snow belt along 95

Michael_92 20

It was pretty bad here too in Northern Michigan. Coming home yesterday the roads were just ice. I touched the gas and it just skid. Worst I have drove in all year.

ohcoolstorybro 14

My car was under 8 feet because the wind blew all the snow onto it

Yea I feel ya. This morning I woke up and it was 58. I mean WTF that's cold around here.

Haha. It's been around 20 degrees where I live. Which is 45-50 degrees warmer then it has been in the past month.

bfsd42 20

It's pretty cold here in San Diego too. I mean, I had to wear long pants and a sweater to stay warm yesterday.

I live in Northern MI, Too. I worked a 3rd shift that night. Slipped on the way out to my car, got stuck in the driveway at work, shoveled out the driveway just to have to push the car into the driveway because of the ice. worst day ever.

Ain't nobody got time for what, exactly?

I have no time for stupid, meaningless comments.

@eddeeezzy Ain't nobody got time to clean up a pile of icy snow in their living room, that's what.

FireNinja 3

I see what you did there. "Ain't nobody got time for that" by miss brown... Lol, classic, those who thumb it down are idiots .

I'm sure pretty much everyone got what 7 'did there', it just didn't really seem like a comment that corresponded with the FML

And that phrase is (sadly) so overused.

That sucks OP, roof collapse is an expensive replacement, I hope you had insurance. Best of luck to ya and hope you got a place to stay while your roof is replaced.

rockbandaddict85 22

mayhem at it again! can't take him anywhere!

skip_m 6

Step 1: Stop texting about this problem on your phone. Step 2: Go put on some clothes.....

Because? You start eating cereal in your underwear, you finish eating cereal in your underwear.

Step 1: Use capitalization. Step 2: Use punctuation.

I don't suppose the heater will be much good right now...