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Today, my girlfriend broke up with me because she heard me say "love you" on the phone. I was talking to my mom. FML
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you dont wanna be with a girl that unreasonable and crazy

simplysarcastics 26

Wacko girlfriend... If she's that silly then i approve that break up.


you dont wanna be with a girl that unreasonable and crazy

At least she hasn't tattooed your name on her body :D

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ApollosMyth 22

I read a few FML's down then got the reference. I should read all the ones I miss before I comment.

I wonder how OP chose that username...nevermind it probably chose him.

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Perhaps he did something that made her not trust him completely. We don't have the whole story, so we can't just make assumptions. We don't know whose fault it is, and we won't unless we are given more information.

simplysarcastics 26

Wacko girlfriend... If she's that silly then i approve that break up.

Completely agree, and she got rid of herself from OP's life, bravo..

simplysarcastics 26
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-72 a metaphorical bullet although with how crazy OP's ex seems i wouldnt be surprised if she pulled a gun on him when she heard him "cheating"

This is why guys are so reluctant to say "I love you." These situations.

Not all women are that psychotic but I totally see your point

If she can break up with you over a simple misunderstanding then perhaps you're better off.

Was it so impossible for him to tell her that he was speaking to his mom? And if he did and she still didn't believe him, then she was obviously looking for an excuse to end things.

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I'm pretty sure there's much more to this story.

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Don't people usually want their bf/gf to love them? Or, at the very least, hope that their feelings turn into love?

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your mom doesn't return your "I love you"'s??? that's horrible :(

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Consider that to be a good thing seeing as she overreacted way too fast. Dont worry, get yourself a girl you understands she isn't only #1 in your life, but so is your family!!!

Sir_ND_Pity 35

Girlfriend: Who is she?! Huh, who is she?! She cooked you dinner! OP: Chill out, she's my mom!

How can she judge when she doesn't even know who you're talking to? Well OP, if you really love her try to explain it, show her via your phone the time when she heard it that it was your mom. Also tell her she doesn't need to be so concerned about you loving someone else & that she is the only one for you.

I personally would be a lil worried if I heard my imgainary gf say "I love you" to someone else and I didn't know the context...

Yeah but to break up is a different story. Ofcourse, if I didn't know my girlfriend was speaking to her mother and she said I love you I would be worried to. But I'd ask her who she was talking to and not just break up like that.

Yeah, because logic always works on crazy.

No need to prove anything for such a crazy girl, better off w.o her o.o

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Oh, Oedipus, you're so busted! There go the eyes!

It got really awkward when OP ended a conversation with his dad with, "I'm going to kill you one day."

Ali_Br_fml 33

"...and sleep with your wife and become the father of my sisters..." (The things we read in high school...) And you wonder why OP's ex was so crazy. Her father probably thought that all of his school books were guidelines for life, and followed Oedipus' example... And the cycle continues...

I wonder where him defeating the sphinx fits in here...