By disgusteddaughter - 13/06/2011 08:58 - Australia

Today, my mum's boyfriend came back from a job up-state. He is now walking around the house in boxers to "show off his tan". He has a beer gut and a hairy back. FML
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So basically you have a pet gorilla roaming around your house.

Accidentally wax his back.


Accidentally wax his back.

Accidentally cut his fat off with a machete.

"accidentally" wax his back*

Accidentally slap him in the face. "There was a bug, I swear!"

14- are you blind ?

Accidentally lock the doors and don't hear his cries so he looses them pounds.

Chain that beast to a treadmill.

Tell him to put on a shirt or GTFO.

Chase him around with a knife im sure he will drop a few pounds

I didn't know a person could write 1 fml with so many subjects. 1) job 2) boxers 3) tan 4) belly 5) back You think you could have added any more irrelevant information OP???

yikes, I bet you can't wait for that to start peeling

So basically you have a pet gorilla roaming around your house.

OP can now say "A wild Snorlax appeared!"

lol pet gorilla! :D

haha LOVE IT! :D

Dude, you are one of my FML idols! You're so funny!

I've always wanted a gorilla!

what a sexy man you should shave his back for him

Ewwww… unwanted image

I'm just wondering what exactly your mother sees in him...

ikr. Obviously he's a philandering, wife-beating asshole. How could you not be with a hairy back like that?

she likes his new tan, duh. ;)

yes, because all guys with big bellies and hairy backs are disgusting, ferocious ogres. We all just laugh at the thought that maybe he has a heart. :/

Maybe because he is a real man and not a hairless kid. Besides, she already has kids, no need for one more.

hmm, I guess I didn't really think this one through.. huh? :)

Well I totally agree it's not like your only 14 and know shit about love !

Maybe she isn't in a relationship with him because she likes the way he looks. Maybe she actually sees that his personality is amazing and they are compatible. And maybe she isn't a judgmental b*tch like you.

but don't lie, you know you like it :3

He's a keeper. If you don't like it, you can always shut yourself up in your room.

Your mum has no taste.

Sexy. I bet that's what Justin Beiber is gonna look like when he gets older.

Bieber's balls haven't even dropped yet. I don't see him having a hairy back any time soon...

maybe by the time bieber hits 50 he'll get lucky :)

19 bieber doesn't have balls at all silly:)

Doubt Bieber will be capable of growing hair anywhere no matter his age. Gotta have balls for that.