By HF44 - 29/07/2015 17:00 - United States - San Francisco

Today, during my father's funeral, I heard my mother-in-law mutter, "No loss there. Lazy cunt." FML
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Talk about monster in law...

People can be so insensitive. I'm sorry for your loss.


People can be so insensitive. I'm sorry for your loss.

You should have walked straight up to her and said "speaking of cunts, get the fuck out". What a bitch!!!

@24. Exactly!!! "It takes one to know one".

@51 I think I would have thrown her out to if she dint have any respect she dint need to be there even if that's how she felt you keep your mouth shut

ExtremeEncounter 32

At that point, it'd be time to slap a bitch.

Talk about monster in law...

And a cunty one at that.

Agreed, I hope he shits in her cornflakes.

Even if your father was "lazy" (which I highly doubt) no one is allowed to say such rude things on funerals. I'm sorry

I wouldn't say not allowed but highly inappropriate to say.

You don't deserve that. I'm sorry

What a bitch! Sorry OP, I'm afraid you'll be stuck with her. As the other comments have said; completely insensitive and immature of her.

That's so insensitive!!! I'm so sorry you had to deal with that, OP. I recently lost my grandmother and I know how hard it can be. Feel free to message me any time.

hrcx3 2

There's a special place in hell for people like her... Sorry OP. :(

I would have laid hands on her

I'm not usually one for violence, but I'd lose my shit if someone said that at a funeral.

Rocket___Candy 24

Especially about the man who the funeral is for, and even worse if it were my own father!

Man thats so insensitive im sorry to hear that OP and i wish you all the best

Looks like she dug herself a grave !

That's a really insensitive thing to say.