By whiskynexttimeplease - United Kingdom - Coventry
Today, my husband kindly offered to take me on a brewery tour. Turned out the brewery is owned by his ex-girlfriend and there was no tour after all. Just me standing awkwardly for 25 minutes while he chatted to her about her family and stuff they used to do together. FML
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  rldostie  |  19

Maybe he wanted to talk to his ex but didn't want his current girlfriend to find out and accuse him of anything. Sort of a "you were there the whole time so you know it was fine" kind of thing. Or maybe he wanted to make his ex jealous by showing off the girlfriend. Or maybe he didn't trust himself with his ex alone but he still wanted to talk to her. Or maybe he really did think there was a tour and since there wasn't, they ended up talking. Still, super weird to bring your current girlfriend to your ex's place of business.

Edit--I read this wrong and thought they were just dating. It's way way worse that they're married and did this. This is a no go.

By  yerawizardlizzy  |  27

I'm kinda leaning toward YDI on this one. I get it, English people don't want to make a scene or anything, but this would have been a perfectly acceptable time to walk up and be like "YEAH HI. I'm Jack's WIFE. It's nice to meet you and all, but we need TO GO." It would be one thing if you guys were dating, but your husband??? No, girl. Don't put up with that.

  J352SAURUS  |  30

Exactly right. He's gone to some lengths here to see her. I agree with what someone said before. It seems like he's hiding in plain sight so he can say, "look, we're just talking, nothing to see here".

The wife sort-of has her hands tied though. If she calls him out on it, what's he going to say? "What? I can't talk to other girls now?" or "We were just talking!" or "What? I didn't know there was no tour! I may as well talk to her anyway!"

I don't really know what to think! Maybe I'm damaged...

By  CamBamShamDaMan  |  26

After what happened idk if i would really trust him i mean sit him down to talk about why he lied and if he didn't introduce you to her and vice versa ask him why... Tell him hes a douche for me too.

By  ThatOneChick856  |  36

Limericks have been around longer than ifunny