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By Noname - 28/01/2009 20:18 - United States

Today, it's the sixth anniversary of the last time I had intercourse. FML
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It dose not specify if op is a boy or a girl, nor their sexuality. For all we know op is a straight girl!

Really hot chicks who don't get laid..let's see, why might that happen? #1 Every guy is intimidated by you. or, more likely #2 You're too afraid to make the first move, and/or always expect the guy to do it. See #1. Or you don't truly think you're hot (even though you said you are on here, probably because it's anonymous), and because of that you don't want another rejection/creeper/toxic relationship. maybe it's because you keep track of the date you last got laid.

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it would be better if OP had said "coitus"

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You shouldn't be counting the days since you've had sex. o.o I have a friend who does and it just makes her more depressed about the situation. Just get out there and try things out. Of course not everything is going to work. But since when was anything easy? Just make an attempt. And don't put yourself down about it. <3

Well could be the day someone stole their V-Card. I haven't but I'd assume people would remember that.

Don't feel so bad. I made a choice after I broke up with my last girlfriend that I wouldn't have casual sex. It's been two months and I've turned down like five people = I'm kind of regretting that I'm determined to not be a douche and just **** everyone.

Yeah I can see you're pretty hardcore with those gangsta ass sweatbands.

Watch out guys, we gotta badass here! He even brought his sweatbands and his flip phone to prove it!

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the fact that you know how long it has been since you had sex pretty bad