By derbyboy - 19/10/2011 05:38 - United Kingdom

Today, at work, I misheard a customer telling me a story. To be polite, I did a slight laugh and nodded my head. She actually told me her mum had died. FML
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Oops? Maybe you should pay a bit more attention at work.

Buttsexpirate 9

"She died" *Haha* "She ordered it fried? How ridiculous" *Haha*


Oops? Maybe you should pay a bit more attention at work.

Damn_Hippster 11

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LiveLaughFML 10

FYL OP. i know that when my friends are telling me stories and i can't hear them, i always say "what?" and once i finally look like a complete idiot i smile and nod too!

it's ok op- we have all done that at one point, I remember my friend telling me how sadshe felt about all the deaths in gaza and I just giggled- and he just sort if gave me a death stare then walked away- I just said I have really bad hearing :)

People mumble and often the background noise drowns them out. On top of that, half of the time you don't really want to hear what they're saying anyway and try keep interaction as short as possible, so you smile and nod. I know you've all been there.

OP was probably just too dedicated in doing their job correctly that she blocked out the customers talking to her.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

45- What if OP is a customer service representative and her job is to listen to the customer? That's the only one I could think of on the spot and to be honest I am not really that into this conversation enough to think of a better one. I do understand though, sometimes I think I must be loosing my hearing because I seriously can not understand someone if I can not see their lips moving.

LePwnapple 0

LOL, hilarious! Who doesn't love these kind of things?

I hate low-talkers.

yadisingh 5

60. Maybe the lady who just got laughed at for telling someone her mother died? Just maybe, though.

-does a slight laugh and nods head- see? Thats how that works

LolMoqz 10

Cool story, bro. Tell it again

Maybe she was dying for a laugh

sports_chic 6

ouch...should have asked them what they said

13FTW 9

My question is how the hell do you misunderstand a story that bad??

Next time bobble your head with no emotions works 80% of the time every time! Meow?

Jammy01jams 2

Believe me when you talk a shitload of customers you just begin to smile and nod and say "yeah I know what you mean." Not surprised this happened eventually.

this would have only been acceptable if Op is a mortician

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I didn't know that there was a right way to laugh at someone's mum dying...

When your mom dies I'll laugh in your face then come back and tell me how it felt. Douche

Are you saying he's a douche, or that it'll feel like a douche.

Christ calm down I was joking

I dont think there is even one way to slightly laugh at someones mom dying

84- "I'm joking" oh please, that's an evasive maneuver to get people to stop complaining. That's like how people say "it was sarcasm".

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_daniellesays_ 10

Yes! I'm sure if OP had more time they'd add: "But then she joined in my laughter and said it was OK because actually, they didn't like their mom."

13FTW 9

"Don't say that she's a nice lady!"

rcloca 10

Should've said you were laughing at another customer.

Buttsexpirate 9

"She died" *Haha* "She ordered it fried? How ridiculous" *Haha*

Pyro_Wolf 17

That's horrible but I laughed..

iFizzgig 11

Smooth move x-lax...

SPD935 5

Wow. Haven't heard that one in a while. LOL

Such an original comment!

SystemofaBlink41 27

This I learned the hard way: don't nod and smile unless your sure!

mandalore92 0

I too have learned this the hard way

To be polite, never smile, nod or laugh. Make sure you know what they're saying... What if you agreed to an unwanted threesome or that you want to see Edward and Jacob happily married?!

I'll take the risk.