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By Anonymous - 15/02/2022 12:00 - United States - Verona

Today, my mother went on another rant about the Smart TV not working. Instead of turning it off and on like she's been told to do before, she'll sit and complain about it. Even fixing it for her doesn't stop her complaining for another half-hour about technology. FML
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Sounds like we're hatching a new Unabomber. If she asked you to mail a package for her, just say no!!!

Not incapable. Just doesn't want to...


Sounds like we're hatching a new Unabomber. If she asked you to mail a package for her, just say no!!!

Some people, at some point in their lives apparently become incapable of learning anything new. It’s sad, it’s exasperating, but there’s nothing you can do but avoid such irritations if you can. See if you can find a non-smart version of the TV because that’s the only thing that will “fix” the problem. I doubt that Mom can operate any internet based media. She needs either normal cable, off air free TV, or satellite - something that does not require switching inputs on the TV. You might even have to disable some buttons on the remote to prevent her from getting into a mode that is confusing to her. My wife is about as techno-savy as your Mom. My wife has memory problems, though mercifully not dementia. We have a smart TV and I subscribe to streaming services and we have an off air antenna because it’s significantly cheaper than cable or satellite and more reliable. But my wife can only manage to change channels within the service the TV is currently selected to (off air or a given internet streaming service). So I change the TV… One final suggestion, if you stick with a smart TV and it’s internet connected - Use wired internet to the TV from the modem or router. Every wireless internet tends to occasionally get lost or lock up and have to be reset. Wired internet connections are much more reliable.

Not incapable. Just doesn't want to...

There are times when it’s about impossible to tell if the person simply isn’t motivated to learn a new technology or they simply cannot learn a new technology. That’s why I stated it as “apparently incapable of learning something new”. But after a while when you have unsuccessfully tried to teach an old dog new tricks and you see it isn’t sinking in, it becomes moot if they are unable or unwilling. Then you have to deal with the mess you were handed.

So stop going over to fix it for her.

Just...take it away.

It is possible for mothers to learn how to turn things off and on! I finally repeated "Did you restart it?" to my mother about her phone long enough that now, she asks fewer questions, and they all start with "And yes I turned it off and on before I called."

We live in a world of smart devices and stupid people. The Terminator apocalypse is coming.