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Today, I found myself humming a Skrillex ditty all day. I'm beginning to wonder if I've had some sort of stroke. FML
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Skrillix is probably what your brain sounds like during a seizure/stroke as it is, so I would probably say...yeah.

A skrillex ditty? Sounds like an oxymoron! If you can hear a melody in all that noise OP, you must have a sixth sense.


Skrillix is probably what your brain sounds like during a seizure/stroke as it is, so I would probably say...yeah.

Am I the only one that doesn't think their not as great as people proclaim them to be?

"doesn't think their not as great" makes no sense...but no you're not, thats kind of the point of this FML

BehindU 5

Sounds kind of like Transformers having sex. IMO.

Trisha_aus 15

You have nice Blonde hair! Blonde hair

BarDownDaily 12

I didn't know who he was, I searched him up and can safely say that I agree with you.

I only listen to it when I work out/exercise. It pumps you up and gets your adrenaline going. Can you imagine listening to Whitney Houston while trying to work out...

did you sound like a dirty transformer?

I read Skrillix sounds like a trippy drug that underage kids usually take because they think it is cool when in reality they are just not intelligent.

When you do drugs, you hear Skrillex.

btnhdude 0

Crystal Castles > Skrillex

ProfessionalTrol - Have you tried rock? Anything except dubstep, right? Dubstep sounds as if it was made by a bunch of drunk monkeys bashing keyboards.

So much hate, poor Skrillex. I was skeptical on him I don't really like dub-step/I used to listen to his old screamo band but I saw him at a recent music festival and he change my mind. Even though it is all computers he does some pretty cool stuff!

Digital instruments aren't all that different from analogue instruments. Typically they're smaller and more versatile. I don't get why people have to point out that one "uses computers" as if that's something bad.

Lon3Wolf64 4

IMO it sounds like a pierced retard banging on a keyboard. FTFY

jerseyboy732 16

am I the only one who doesn't know what that is?

lukep135 6

Hes. Dubstep/ electro artist. Or better yet just electronica because some fanboys will give me shit for not clasifying him in every genre in every song hes made

DUBSTEP, that's what it's called sometimes that stuff has a good beat. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to be probed when I hear it. Or some form of Martian is after me. :P

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Trisha_aus 15

In your opinion it's shit but then in your opinion gaga is god and bieber's music touches your soul..

You do realise that there are other artist and bands that anyone can enjoy. Using beiber and Gaga as examples just labels you as a fan and can't accept other people's opinion on Skrillex.

mhopper 13

Listen to it and you be the judge. You were warned...

This is how I look at it: Everyone is entitled to an opinion. People bashing others for their opinion, or bashing a genre of music just because THEY don't like it, only shows their close-minded character and immaturity. That is all.

Michael_92 20

Well much like ANY artist they all have good and bad songs. I think they have some good songs, just like I think most artists do.

It's really BROSTEP not DUBSTEP. Brostep is the really intense, non stopping, face melting, Optimus Prime & Dishwasher sex tape. Dubstep can be a lot softer and mellow. Even reaches melodic tunes sometimes

Also skrillex is a guy. He isn't a band or anything. ?(¬_ ¬") And not all dubstep is bad and don't come rash on me for that! It's all personal opinion ¯_(?)_/¯. ?(???? ). (????)?

2- Skrillex is technopop, not dubstep and he is very bad.

You're describing Skrillex as Technopop?? u srs brah?

120- That was the stupidest thing I have heard in a while.

You people obviously don't know what real dubstep is. Skrillex is probably the only dubstep you can name. If you can name some then I apologize for any trouble caused.

33- you're shit. Kpop is shit. You being from Canada is shit. Everything about you is shit. But don't worry, that's just my opinion, right?

#175 Doctor P, Flux Pavillion, Nero, Gemeni, Rusko, Brown and Gammon, Dazed, Mt Eden , Subfocus, Modestep, Adam F, Benga, Foreign Beggars, The Killabits. And that's my library of songs let alone what I lisen on YouTube...

Does it even matter what his tracks are classified as? He's a ******* beast.

it's actually brostep (described by Skrillex himself that way), dubstep is a different genre again, and a lot better

Karalela44 15

183 did you ever stop to think that maybe there are other k-pop loving canadians here?

The_creator_fml 2

People around you were probably wondering the same....

I prefer Drum n Bass to Dubstep anyday, and imo there are many artists in the dubstep genre which are a lot better than skrillex.

A skrillex ditty? Sounds like an oxymoron! If you can hear a melody in all that noise OP, you must have a sixth sense.

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It just sounds like noise. It's amazing what can be classified as "music" these days.

Trisha_aus 15

Yea so skrillex sucks but what Justin bieber n gaga make are considered music?!

I don't agree with the last part of that. Justin bieber and lady gaga also suck.

30 - I don't like skrillex, but I also don't like Beiber or Gaga. Point?

kalgon 0

Throw in some Cattle Decapitation then some Mortician and Skrillex will sound more like Chopin. Problem solved.

There are set, obvious rhythms and beats to dubstep. Just because you don't like the music doesn't mean other people can't, or that it's not music.

Yeah I was going to say the same- "ditty" is completely the wrong word to describe his music!

lukep135 6

It was probally reptile. That gets my head bobbing for days

Breakn' a Sweat is where it's at. That's my team's warm up/announcement song

Let the skrillex fanboys come in 3...2..........1......

If it exist in any media outlet, you'll bet your Ass that it has fanboys(girls).

So someone sucks because they have a different opinion to you? Righto.

KRS_13 0

Am I the only one that like skrillex..? But I actually found this FML amusing xP

Michael_92 20

Yea I have to disagree...I love the song Cinema. My fav dubstep song without a doubt.

No your not I like his dupstep as well.

Skrillex is my life. Notice my username;)

•SUDDEN numbness or weakness of face, arm or leg - especially on one side of the body. •SUDDEN confusion, trouble speaking or understanding. •SUDDEN trouble seeing in one or both eyes. •SUDDEN trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination. •SUDDEN severe headache with no known cause. Hmmm. None of those mention Skrillex constantly playing in your head. I think you're okay, OP.

But Skrillex does cause a sudden headache it's just the cause is pretty obvious.

I'm sure I'd think the same thing, too.

I can't believe I used to like him *shudders*

howsitgoingjc 2

Yeah man I liked skrillex before he became mainstream.....,,pshhhh

I disliked Skrillex before it was cool. Am I a Hipster nao?

I really don't care if people still like him or not but when it comes on my shuffle in iTunes it just annoys me now

TheDrifter 23

76, 16 is on the right track. Admitting you liked something just because it was cool is the first step to curing hipsterism. Of course if this hatred comes from the dact that he went minstream, the hipsterism has gone too deep and may have caused irreperable damage.